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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

week#8 mothers day

Ummm can I just say MOTHERS DAY IS MY FAVORITE!!!!!!! I love being able to see your beautiful smiley faces and enjoy spending time with you even if it is only on skype. I also love being a missionary and man have I had some experiences to talk about. You know your a missionary when.... your idea of a daily prank is sticky notes of uplifting comments. That day we also walked an incredibly long amount!!! I gained a HUGE appreciation for walking missionaries... and I LOVE MY CAR!!! We named it, our cars name is Gaylin. Our car is beautiful, wonderful, and i will never take it for granted again. Well transfer calls came and as you know i get to stay with Sister Hutchinson! But it also means we lose sister Rush :( and elder Stoker :( so so sad. But thats okay elder Montoya couldnt get rid of us that quickly. I am so excited but so sad for this transfer. But when all else fails Phillipians 4:13 through christ anything is possible. I ate two baluts this week and ive actually grown accustom to them. They taste like turkey but a little bit more slimey. And I gave away gold stars this week. I LOVE MY STARS!!! Ok so right now my challenge is to not hug the elders... cuz i want to, so bad! Well... I feel like ive talked to much with today and yesterday. Whelp.... Have a great week! I love you!!!!! You will always be in my prayers.
and mom I got grandmas package! I LOVED IT!!!!!

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