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Monday, November 25, 2013

Nov 25...Happy 8 month birthday to me!

So this week I hit 8 months and guess what?! im still okay :)
In fact im even better than okay and i have loved what i am learning as a missionary. This week God decided to teach me in the art of patience again. I seem to need a lot of work on that one. good thing i have ten more months to do it :) .... 
It all started on monday when we got in a small rear bumper collision with the person behind us kindly tapping our back end... of the car that is... But there was no damage on either vehicle and everything seems fine but me and cars dont seem to want to get along out here. But its okay miracles are possible!
Oh... I also lost BOTH of my badges in the past week and it was awful... i felt like my identity was taken away but luckily I have FANTASTIC elders (elder mohlman) who make really good fake badges that will make me until the ones i ordered come in. 
The car plug got ripped off... and again the elders had to come to our rescue and fix it. So now our car wont freeze. :)
Our investigator on date for baptism, R***, was doing so good, we thought, but apparently there are some obstacles we need to tackle first. So we are pushing his date back a little. That was kind of hard but we know he will get there... HE IS SO PREPARED! 
We found an investigator that kind of went MIA. She showed up to the choir concert which was AMAZING. Miracles happen. And the concert turned out really good... good things always happen when the spirit is involved. 
Lessons have gone REALLY GOOD!!!! We always seem to find a member, investigator, or less-active to work with and help out.... I love being a missionary!!!!!
Love you all! 
The cold will not win.... I will prevail.... and as you continue to write me my heart warms. I may be far away in an arctic land and the weather may be in the negative double digits but I really appreciate everything everybody does for me... thanks so much. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Nov 18...highlights

Hello Hello!
Ready to here about my week... It was so fun!

I am only going to go over some of highlights because SOOO much happened this week!

We had some of the best recent convert less active lessons this week! They were so much fun! We really got to know people which helped us help them more... the best is when i bonded with someone over a bon jovi concert... who would have guessed that going to that concert would help me in my missionary work.. definately NOT ME! :) We taught these little kids how to pray and it was so cute! They would kneel down and fold their arms real tight and close their eyes peeking only every once in a while... it was so cute... and they even remembered it the next time we went back. It was the best!!!!! 

We also had exchanges this week and i got to spend 24 hours with Sister Hill... It was SOOOO much fun! We had a day of miracles too for sure. Miracle number 1... I got mcdonalds... Miracle number 2 we got three new investigators and one of them is getting baptized in december!.... Miracle number three me and my companion wanted to come back together... it was great! Day of Miracles!!!!!!

Someone gave me a knitted sweater... so now i have a touque, gloves, head bands, shoes and now a sweater... with some pants i would have a whole outfit... ya i would... so good.

We also had something called a cottage party where we invited investigators to a members home to play games and fellowship.. it was really fun.. i hope we do it again! 

We walked dogs... devil dogs... yep thats us.. .they were crazy!!!!! They pulled us the whole time but it was so much fun! The member we went with almost peed her pants she was laughing so hard and sister meservy fell down the hill... it was great! 

The work is true.. it continues on... and it is so great! It was a great week to be a missionary this week. Love you all!

Sister Harrison

Monday, November 11, 2013

Nov 11...getting ready for baptism

 So this week was crazy... being in a new area always brings new adventures and this time is no exception. 
   We had a lot to do this week as we prepared for a baptism for L***! She is so great and we were so excited for the week we had with her! We had 5 lessons with her this week to make sure she was all ready for saturday. Everything went as planned and she was baptized... it was so great! The best part was her testimony afterwards.... You can really tell that God is looking for his elite when you hear her bear her testimony. She loves him so much and is so ready to be on this path to eternal progression that she started this weekend... its so fantastic! 
   We also had a great lesson with a recent convert where me sharing a personal story really opened her up... I got some special training from the assistants the other day where i was reminded that the people i meet out here are my friends. my brothers and sisters. As I've remembered that and started opening myself up they have opened up too. Its so fantastic! its really helping us with teaching and allowing others to open up with us and really come to trust what we say. Ive really made friends by doing it too! 
   One of our relief society presidents is very thorough and we had a good hour and a half meeting with her. It was crazy the information she had for us... mom are you that matrix about all your sisters? i still think your a fabulous relief society president if you arent? how do the missionaries help you and how do you want their help?
   They have a basketball night here (don't worry i'm wearing my brace) and i love it! I think its so much fun and it really gets out our investigators members and less actives.... its a lot of fun... 
   Also.... i got to have dairy this week! those pills from costco really work! I am such a happy camper right now and im a real kid again!!!!!! best week ever! Thats my week... and it only gets better from here... :)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Nov 4...moving on out!

Transfers always make things super confusing! But this one seemed even extra hectic with everything that was going on..... but let me tell you about my week
MONDAY- it was our last pday together as a district and a zone.... it was fun... we won a blender.. I think I talked about this last week but just incase... then we had dinner at Ed's for the last time, he made us a really nice meal and it was sweet. Sheryll asked for my favorite color and made me a toque and a scarf.....they are a light yellow and super cute! Such a nice family...I gave them the house number so if they randomly call sorry I just wanted to be able to stay in touch with them afterwards... like forever! 
TUESDAY- We had a marriage lesson today... it was interesting, it was so good that they know that we love them because if not that would have been really awkward... they agreed to pray to see if they should get married so my fingers are crossed from here!  
WEDNESDAY- i'm pretty sure the Thompson elders got into town,... spent the day with our elders, we had ward correlation and we had dinner with the Van wyks... who were then nice enough to get permission to take us out of our area and get my boots fixed, which I am really appreciating today as it is snowing outside... :) 
THURSDAY- Today was transfer day, our day that was suppose to start out good ended weird and just got more frustrating from there...too many people, not enough work being done, and it was halloween so we kept seeing fun costumes, i decided to dress up as an angel, wait i'm an angel every day!!!!! no but really its been fun! then we did a Book of Mormon challenge as sisters,.... there are 27 books of Mormon with a sisters testimony written in it all around Winnipeg...Super fun. then we did some service projects and ate sandwiches. We had a sleep over at the ysa sisters apartment that night. It was just a fun day! 
FRIDAY- Friday was sisters conference and it was so inspiring, but before i get to the inspiring stuff here is some of the crazy stuff we did. we had an exercise portion, we ate soup, we also had a testimony meeting followed by a pillow case and bed time story... super cute... 
We also had a portion on finding, talents, stars, and just improving ourselves! super inspirational!
SATURDAY- we drove.... all day... to Saskatoon..but I got to be with sister Elkins until Regina that was fun.. then we went to a ysa activity
SUNDAY- I met lots of people, don't remember any names and had a lot of fun then we had a good ces fireside about Will.... i would suggest everyone watch it... so good! 
MONDAY- is today... it snowed... got to see president.... loving life.... all is well in Saskatoon!
love you all!
I asked jessalyn about a letter she received from an past YW president who had them write a letter to themselves for 5 years in the future
Jessalyn...L*** called asking for your address so she could send you a letter you wrote yourself 5 years ago she got from L***. Wondering if you've got that letter yet and if it was a self revealing experience.?
..last week you said something about preparing for a sisters conference...but then you got your transfer call. Did you get to participate before you travelled west?
Yes I got my letter... apparently i wanted to be married, in dental school, and some other stuff.... obviously i was wrong but its not bad. I'm doing some pretty neat things instead. I am serving in Saskatoon on a mission, i am getting close to be done with my schooling for physical therapy, and I'm a pretty happy spiritual person so thats good. It was really really weird to get a letter from myself though, not something i expected on my mission. :)
Yes i still got to participate in sisters conference.... every sister in the mission (there is 27 of us now) were in Winnipeg for 48 hours, it was incredible. I got to do a portion or talk on talents and it was fun, i even made cute little hand outs for everyone. Sister Thomas is actually down the hall from my right now... they had to come to Saskatoon too for some meetings and she said she is working on posting pictures, i want to try to add some too!!!!! it was really fun
Sister Hutchinson went to open up international falls with sister Christensen.... so they are both in the states again, that was weird but im super excited for them! 
Sister Ashley Meservy is from Alberta, from Mountain View! She knows  Tyson...weird in fact a lot of sisters in this mission know Tyson..... hmmm.... She is super into basketball and we get along pretty well... we have really only had one day where it has just been us so that's not much to judge off of but i like her a lot i think its going to be a fun transfer! she owns a waterbuffalo farm and likes to horseback... we are already making plans to meet up in  Waterton... Waterton trips are going to be like mission reunions for me its so great! I love you...
With Sister Elkins who travelled west with her

Jessalyn's A team district in Winnipeg

with Sister Rush and all her trainees