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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Jan 27...believe it or not

So this week was another great week full of incredible miracles. 
We started off the week with a birthday party for a one year old boy... he wont ever remember our names or the fact that we were over but it was nice to be able to enjoy birthday cake and have fun with balloons. But this week was full of fiestas... Everyone seemed to want to feed us tacos which was completely fine with us because WE LOVE TACOS!!!!! But we really are blessed to have such great members who take care of us and make sure we are well fed. 
We taught the tree of life with one of our recent converts and somehow our picture ended up totally inaccurate. The river and the iron rod both led to the tree but in more of a T direction then in a "oh wait they are suppose to be right next to each other" direction... ooops... its a good thing missionaries aren't suppose to be perfect right. We also read alma 44 with another recent convert of ours and she helped me gain some really good insight on the war chapters... I usually hate the war chapters because everybody fights but if you get rid of all the blood and gore you can see that we are in a war now... we are really in a spiritual war and just like how the nephites have to prepare we have stuff we need to do now to keep us away from evil. It was really fun to gain those insights this week.
Ryan taught us about the priesthood this week which was incredible... we asked him what he knew and the first thing he said was... well i know there are two of them one is aaronic and the other i cant pronounce.... you are exactly right ryan those are the two types of priesthood :) we are so excited for him and the progress that family has made and the fact that he will get the priesthood to bless both his and his familys life. 
But i think the biggest miracle that has come from this week is with J and S and their family... here is a little background incase i havent given it. J*** is the father of the family and he is probably in his thirties and is first nation, and man has that guy been through a lot in his life. But my favorite part is the fact that he has been taught by elders before and he just made fun of them and wasted there time but he wont do that to us because he says we are different and that he believes now. S*** is his wife (she is white)... she was who was referred to us from a lady in red deer alberta and she has been right by jays side as they have made changes. They have five beautiful children. The oldest is t*** and she is 11. She is partial blind but i think the cutest thing i have ever seen is when she asked her primary teacher to explain what was on the board so she could understand better what the teacher was trying to teach. ADORBS!!!! L*** is 8. She is cute and tells us she has read the whole book of mormon.... we arent sure how much she has really read but we know she is reading... its great! C*** is 6 and she is slightly crazy. But she wants to impress us so she is starting to settle down. D*** is four and he has some autism and so we have to be careful with him especially when he gets mad but he is totally cute and loves showing off to us, and A*** is the baby... in fact they usually just call her baby... but ya thats the family. They are probably our number one focus right now due to the fact that the whole family has a baptismal date for march 8 that they want to move up to as soon as possible.... they have really grabbed on and ran with what we have taught. They all came to church this week and this ward is so good they have just engulfed them into love. But the miracle came on tuesday.... we went over to teach and J*** had really hurt his back the night before and was struggling with sitting up and walking and everything... :( it was sad to see. So it was offered to him that he could have a priesthood blessing. We told him it worked according to his faith and gods will and he said he would be willing to try anything (the doctors were trying to decide if he was going to be in a wheelchair the rest of this life or not) and so the elders came and gave him a blessing and then left... we stayed and continued to talk to him and not even ten min later he was holding his back with a shocked look on his face... when we asked him what was wrong he looked at us and said my back doesnt hurt anymore... WHAT?!?!... ya my back doesnt hurt anymore... okay... so he stood up and started walking, but it didnt stop there... he picked up his baby girl (who had been a struggle to lift up to his lap earlier that day) and started carrying her around..... He literally had a take up thy bed and walk experience and now he is commited to everything he says because he knows this church is true... we are so excited for this family and their plans on baptism... they are truly going to be our miracle story for the transfer. 
Oh and now we have a third in our TRIPAN!!! her name is Sister Ashton-Corn and i love her to death! She is going to be my little ginger friend and we are giong to have so much fun! 
Love you all... Pray for miracles, they are real!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Jan 20...serious miracles.

So so much happened this week i cant even fully describe the miracles we have seen but im going to try to explain what happened and how i felt. please bear with my randomness... sometimes i wish i could just video record things it would be easier but here i go!
We got transfer calls this week... and... drum roll please..... me and sister davis are both getting a new companion (when they told us this we thought we were going to be seperated and our hearts dropped) but its the same companion for both of us. We will be gaining Sister Ashton-Corn who has been in Regina and i will be double training them their last six weeks of the training program. We are super excited for the tri pan... apparently she is super powerful so it will be fun to see what God helps us accomplish together. Plus with this being my third tri pan i should really have this down by now.
As for the weather.... it got really warm this week like positive eight but i think that came in because of the wind storm. The wind made it up to 100 km per hour.... that is about 60 mph... and it blew in windows, cars were going crazy, and it was so worth it because it blew in the warm... unfortunately that didnt last long because today it was -20..... again.... i have a feeling winter is going no where real fast.
Now for some random things that have to deal with food.  We went to the YSA fhe this week and that was so much fun! we did minute to win it games and looked ridiculous but i think the best part was the whip cream toss that happened at the end.... and of course when im around tossing things usually turn into full on wars so the whip cream toss turned into the whip cream war and we all were COVERED in whip cream.... like in the hair and everything everywhere. Then at another dinner appointment we were blessed with ketchup sauce on our spagetti and the craziest plum pudding i have EVER tasted.... we knew the spagatti sauce was made out of ketchup because she put it on the table and said we could add more if we wanted.... yep... we are appreciative that members feed us, we are also grateful that God takes care of his missionaries, especially when our stomachs are on the line. Okay one last crazy dinner appointment for this week... we went to a dinner appointment this week where 22 people were present..... half of them were missionaries.... way too many people for my liking. Another random food fact.... i have gone 23 days without caffine... and i plan on never drinking it again.
As for just some randomness.... I was doing some family history work and found a quote by Milo Andrus which i really liked. "my maxim is and has been... to act when I am called upon either to preach or do anything else for the building up of the kingdom of god." i really liked that so i think that's going to be my motto for the rest of my mission. Someone told me i was a nun.... just so the world knows I AM NOT A NUN!!!!!!! We also found some creepy bob the builder puppets at the food bank this week.... oh the things that are found at the food bank. But i think the best service that day was helping this old guy with his groceries. We were going to street contact him and noticed he was crying. So we offered our services and we helped him carry his groceries... we found out that his leg was so swollen and he was in so much pain and its good to know we could make a little difference. Me and sister Davis gave talks in sacrament on obedience... the best part is we were called about it saturday night... twenty min before the baptism... and church is sunday morning at nine.... yep we can plan talks real fast. My trainer Sister Rush is going home.... SOOOO CRAZY.... that means im ancient.... or at least sister Davis reminds me i am weekly. I had a member come up to me and tell me i was going to do great things... which i pretty much am, lets be real.... but he gave me some aptitude tests to take when i get home and was really encouraging... it was weird. Our apartment had an inner war.... the happy castle lost, the christmas tree won... so now its only the christmas tree up in the apartment. Oh and we are going to convert two of our investigators through activites.... every time we talked about what was going on at the church they said... were coming... so that will be exciting. 
now off to the baptism and all the craziness leading up to it..... This week my dear friend Ryan Casper got baptized and im so excited for him and his family... i truly love this family. Ryan shaved.... well he shaved for Raechel and their anniversary but he shaved the day before his baptism and he looked like such a baby face without his facial hair... we kept making fun of him... poor guy... but he did look great, and he even wore the tie we bought him, that elder wiltse had to tie for him because he didnt know how to tie a tie.... urch... So saturday we spent all day at the church... due to the family history center and filling up the font we were there for probably well all day.... and still ryan got to be baptized in cold water but he made it... he even got it right the first time around. Then raechel forgot to give him dry underwear so she had to run to the car and get it... so funny.. Josh their two year old sun laughed after he was baptized and he said awesome... i think he really liked it. but i think the sweetest part was ryans nanna (who is from a different church) said the closing prayer (which we werent really sure if it was a prayer or a talk) but it was so sweet to see his nanna supporting him... Then on sunday he got confirmed and Brother P who confirmed him is probably the only person in the ward who would find a way to put in a sports analogy while giving someone the gift of the holy ghost. Im sure that made the hockey player in ryan really happy... and he is going to be ordained a priest!!!!! I am so proud of this guy!!!!!
okay now i want to tell you about all the amazing prayers that have happened.... one was josh (the two year old of the caspers) and he folded his arms this week when we prayed.... so great! J*** and S*** are a family we are working with... and when we had our lesson with them we invited jay to say the closing prayer... he has had a rough past and was really hesitant but he said the closing prayer and it was such a humble prayer... he begged God to help him, to give him a sign and to take away some of the pain.... later that night he got his sign so him and his family are really looking into the church and his wife and kids came on sunday.. he was going to come too but his back acted up... seeing the girls at church was such a blessing and they were so excited for primary... all of them loved it.. and the little boy  fell asleep in primary, the leaders were impressed that was even possible haha... such a good family and im so glad God answered their prayers. A less active girl we are working with (she is eleven) prayed this week too... i dont know what it is about humble prayers that invites the spirit but it was so great to witness over and over again. We are going through the YW personal progress with her and her sister without letting them know... its fun! Our two new investigators this week were another great example of humble prayer. The fourteen year old girl who prayed was in tears because she was just so happy that strangers would care. it was sweet. But my last little story on prayers. Elder Wiltse (my district leader) has been doing district prayers every saturday night and those are fun... having three sets of missionaries connected by phone get on our knees and pray for those we are working with is an experience i will miss after my mission... I LOVE PRAYERS!!! and i know that god always answers our prayers! this week just rememinded me how true that was. the power of prayer is so real... the only person who tells us we cant pray or we shouldnt pray or we arent worthy to pray is satan... and hes stupid so dont listen to satan.... Pray like it all depends on God then get up off your knees and work like it all depends on you...i can promise you that you will see a difference... love you all!!!!!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Jan 13...let the race begin

So this week has been so great and it went by so fast im not even a hundred percent sure what happened but let me fill you in on the big things....

Ryan is getting baptized on saturday! We are super excited for that.... so much of our week has been spent with them making sure everything is going smoothly and that they are ready for this BIG EXPERIENCE!!!!!! after about two and a half months of working with him we are so excited to be able to witness him making those sacred covenants with the lord... And some of the cutest stuff happens in that house too.... josh (the two year old son) pulled out a book of mormon and started flipping pages with us one night because he wanted to be involved.... CUTIEST THING EVER!!!!! also... he decided to play tug of war with the dog and so he had one end in his mouth and the dog had the other end.... funniest thing to witness EVER! And raechel really helped with ryan this week! It was so powerful to hear a wife tell her husband what she has learned from the gospel. I know its kind of a  short email this week but really Ryan and his family are what are on my mind the most right now.... He almost missed his interview.. i was pacing... he made it... and stayed for church... and is feeling better... and MAN I LOVE THIS FAMILY!!!!!!

Everybody... have a great week.... set goals, make plans, and then MAKE SURE TO DO WORK!!!! 
Love you all!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Jan its cold outside

New years eve was crazy! We went to a members house for dinner and not only did she feed us Finnish food which wasnt the best tasting stuff, we then proceeded to have to not only sing for our food but dance too!  But before we even got to dinner we got to help a man dig out of a snow bank.... It first started with just us trying to dig him out with a pathetic snow shovel in our car. Then a random stranger came with a real shovel and started getting work done... then four elders, two random strangers, and two sisters finally got him out of the snow bank! Then we went to the church and had a party with the missionaries in the city. it was called our YOMO night (you are only a missionary once). It was a fun way to send off 2013 and welcome 2014, bad party hats, balloons and card games are always needed in a 10:00pm curfew send off of the new year. 
We had dinner with the Barretts on new years day and on our way home they did donuts with us in the car. It was SO MUCH FUN! At bingo this week there was a lady who won 4x in a row... that never happens, she was extremely lucky... yes we help old people gamble. Sister rush and sister hill slept over this week as they were traveling to different cities for exchanges. It was a lot of fun and we were able to have a sisters lunch at chilis which was really fun... it reminded me of my mom a lot. :)

As for people we are working with  it has been a strange, powerful week! We started working with these teenage girls whose faith has been struggling. Its so hard to see someone so young question so much. I really hope we can help them. We also taught some of our investigators about prayer this week. They are nine and eleven and it was so nice to hear both of them pray and bear their testimony on why prayer is so important.... it was the most powerful spirit ever. Then sister davis had an ah-ha inspiration moment where she is like... sister harrison we need to knock on that door and after some inner battle we knocked on the door... on the other side of the door was seven investigators absolutely welcoming to our visit. We sat down and due to a language barrier struggled through the restoration but we did it. They even invited us to stay for dinner and we have four new investigators that we get to see agian this next week... im so excited. Im really really glad sister davis followed that prompting. Then ryan and raechel... this family is stuck in my heart forever! They had such a progressing week. We went over the word of wisdom, had a powerful priesthood night, and he is SO ready for his baptism! Oh and no more caffine for me... YAY WORD OF WISDOM LESSONS!!!!

Now... about my studies this week.... they were incredible. I used chapter one of preach my gospel followed by setting goals in chapter 8 to learn on how to set goals and that combined with my patriarchal blessing helped me set goals for not just my mission but my future life as well. It was such a good study. And then in doctrine in covenants section 50 are some of my favorite scriptures where christ is promising to never leave us. It was such a good spiritual week... loved this week!!!!!

oh now about the cold ... yes it hit -50 celcius.... yes thats cold... yes cars struggle in that weather... NO IM NOT DEAD... i still have ten fingers and ten toes.... and i love the cold!!!!!! (besides church being canceled)

Dec 30...Christmas on the mission

So.... Christmas seemed to spread into all week and it was so much fun.... let me tell you how we celebrate christmas in the CWM!
    On monday night we went caroling and that is always a great way to spread the christmas cheer but i think one of the best stop bys we did for this family... they weren't going to have christmas and when we heard about that we decided to take measures into our own hands. We found lots of things just hanging around the apartments (us and the elders) and put them in a box. We then found food items we knew we wouldn't eat and the ward donated a gift card for the family so they would have a christmas. We gave them the window sticky tree so they could have a tree and when we dropped off the box the lady gave each of us the biggest hug. She was so happy and personally that was the best christmas present of the whole season! 

    Then christmas eve.... The morning started off with the best district meeting EVER!!!! It was seriously a spiritual booster where we all shared our testimonies on Christ. Elder Wiltse was so powerful, Elder Mohlmans made me cry, and Sister Davis' was so unique.Then it got even better.... we went to all you can eat sushi! It was so much fun to mess around with chopsticks, laugh, and have fun together. I love our district and Elder Wiltse was such a sweetheart and payed for all of it. Then we stopped by R*** to do a christmas message. He is really opening up to us and he is getting baptized in three weeks... :)!!!!! Then we went to the Wilsons in the wildwood ward to celebrate christmas eve dinner. The whole wildwood district was there and it was fun to spend some time with them. Me and brother wilson were playing a game together and we got super competitive it reminded me of playing games with dad and the boys. but its okay I WON! Then we went to sister whitcombs and had hot cocoa and cookies... I swear she is trying to kill us with all that sugar. Then we started playing card games. It was really fun but its hard to not be allowed to go out and proselyte... 

    Then christmas day.... and i didnt sleep in, in fact i woke up at 6:15 so i could go to breakfast. At seven thirty i was filled with bacon and sausage and toast and cinnamon rolls and so much food i thought i was going to explode. It was so much fun to be with our district to open presents. Thank you for the EVERYTHING! the rubber duck ice pack was the best surprise ever. Then i got to skype my family... believe it or not i didnt cry this time! Then we watched despicable me 2... SUPER GREAT!!! cant wait to watch it again with my brothers when i get home. and dont worry i got turkey... but i think the best part of christmas was the nerf gun war. A member bought us nerf guns and turned over the couches and everything. It was so much fun! Plus dinner was finger food and i think that will be my new christmas night tradition. Being the first christmas away from my family im super glad for the angels who made my christmas memorable. 

    Then the rest of our week went like this. We walked for two hours in the snowy tundrum... BAHHHH SNOW!!!! and sister davis didnt stop with just walking in the cold, no we had to walk in a HUGE FEILD with deep snow... ya thats normal.  Then i got sick.... ya like fever and body aches and i felt like a sinner for sleeping to try to get away from it... you know your a missionary when you feel bad about being sick because you cant do the work. No beuno.... speaking of beuno we had a spanish pot luck this week and that was super fun. one of our recent converts came.. she is from china... and believe it or not she is not a huge fan of mexican food. Yep... it was a good week... From here on im going to try to tell you more about what i learned and how i feel but for now this will have to do.... LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!

Dec 23...Christmas conference

So this week was full of SO MUCH FUN!
We went carolling Monday night to try to get referrals from members. It was so much fun and we actually don't sound too bad together....with home made cookies and six big smiles people could only give us their friends to carol too.... it actually was a super effective way to have members do missionary work. And who doesnt like home cooked cookies. 
It was also zone conference as im sure mom already knows by the pictures sister thomas has posted.... It was really fun! We had a st james reunion.... Elder Hatch and the Menloves and a couple other elders who have served in st james ward was there.... IT WAS THE BEST! Sister Menlove is like my grandma out here... she is so cute! And president gave such a good spiritual talk about how the priesthood was as much on the faith of the sisters as it was from being with the actual elders... it was a great talk. Then we talked about christmas and both sister thomas and sister menlove have the same holiday tradition about ornaments that we do. So i got two ornaments that have to deal with my year this year. one of them looks like a missionary badge with my name on it... the other one is made out of chocolate so it might not make it home with me but its scriptures and its super cute. I think just seeing every one was really fun! 
Then we said a lot of good byes to the ysa kids that are going away for the holidays.... and of course they had to send us off with style.... by having us eat balut.... because four eggs werent enough i am now at five. 
We have met with R***  a lot this week. He hurt his ankle at work and is in a TON of pain. So some lessons go better than others but they came to church and are progressing just fantastically. We also went and helped them with stuff around the house, aka cooking and folding laundry and it really helped us get to know them better.... it was fun. and he frosts cupcakes just about as well as i do.... which is NOT GOOD... we both eat better than we frost... good thing too! It was a fun week and im really excited to see everyone in TWO DAYS! love you all... and merry Christmas!