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Monday, January 13, 2014

Jan 13...let the race begin

So this week has been so great and it went by so fast im not even a hundred percent sure what happened but let me fill you in on the big things....

Ryan is getting baptized on saturday! We are super excited for that.... so much of our week has been spent with them making sure everything is going smoothly and that they are ready for this BIG EXPERIENCE!!!!!! after about two and a half months of working with him we are so excited to be able to witness him making those sacred covenants with the lord... And some of the cutest stuff happens in that house too.... josh (the two year old son) pulled out a book of mormon and started flipping pages with us one night because he wanted to be involved.... CUTIEST THING EVER!!!!! also... he decided to play tug of war with the dog and so he had one end in his mouth and the dog had the other end.... funniest thing to witness EVER! And raechel really helped with ryan this week! It was so powerful to hear a wife tell her husband what she has learned from the gospel. I know its kind of a  short email this week but really Ryan and his family are what are on my mind the most right now.... He almost missed his interview.. i was pacing... he made it... and stayed for church... and is feeling better... and MAN I LOVE THIS FAMILY!!!!!!

Everybody... have a great week.... set goals, make plans, and then MAKE SURE TO DO WORK!!!! 
Love you all!

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