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Monday, January 6, 2014

Dec 23...Christmas conference

So this week was full of SO MUCH FUN!
We went carolling Monday night to try to get referrals from members. It was so much fun and we actually don't sound too bad together....with home made cookies and six big smiles people could only give us their friends to carol too.... it actually was a super effective way to have members do missionary work. And who doesnt like home cooked cookies. 
It was also zone conference as im sure mom already knows by the pictures sister thomas has posted.... It was really fun! We had a st james reunion.... Elder Hatch and the Menloves and a couple other elders who have served in st james ward was there.... IT WAS THE BEST! Sister Menlove is like my grandma out here... she is so cute! And president gave such a good spiritual talk about how the priesthood was as much on the faith of the sisters as it was from being with the actual elders... it was a great talk. Then we talked about christmas and both sister thomas and sister menlove have the same holiday tradition about ornaments that we do. So i got two ornaments that have to deal with my year this year. one of them looks like a missionary badge with my name on it... the other one is made out of chocolate so it might not make it home with me but its scriptures and its super cute. I think just seeing every one was really fun! 
Then we said a lot of good byes to the ysa kids that are going away for the holidays.... and of course they had to send us off with style.... by having us eat balut.... because four eggs werent enough i am now at five. 
We have met with R***  a lot this week. He hurt his ankle at work and is in a TON of pain. So some lessons go better than others but they came to church and are progressing just fantastically. We also went and helped them with stuff around the house, aka cooking and folding laundry and it really helped us get to know them better.... it was fun. and he frosts cupcakes just about as well as i do.... which is NOT GOOD... we both eat better than we frost... good thing too! It was a fun week and im really excited to see everyone in TWO DAYS! love you all... and merry Christmas!

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