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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Jan 27...believe it or not

So this week was another great week full of incredible miracles. 
We started off the week with a birthday party for a one year old boy... he wont ever remember our names or the fact that we were over but it was nice to be able to enjoy birthday cake and have fun with balloons. But this week was full of fiestas... Everyone seemed to want to feed us tacos which was completely fine with us because WE LOVE TACOS!!!!! But we really are blessed to have such great members who take care of us and make sure we are well fed. 
We taught the tree of life with one of our recent converts and somehow our picture ended up totally inaccurate. The river and the iron rod both led to the tree but in more of a T direction then in a "oh wait they are suppose to be right next to each other" direction... ooops... its a good thing missionaries aren't suppose to be perfect right. We also read alma 44 with another recent convert of ours and she helped me gain some really good insight on the war chapters... I usually hate the war chapters because everybody fights but if you get rid of all the blood and gore you can see that we are in a war now... we are really in a spiritual war and just like how the nephites have to prepare we have stuff we need to do now to keep us away from evil. It was really fun to gain those insights this week.
Ryan taught us about the priesthood this week which was incredible... we asked him what he knew and the first thing he said was... well i know there are two of them one is aaronic and the other i cant pronounce.... you are exactly right ryan those are the two types of priesthood :) we are so excited for him and the progress that family has made and the fact that he will get the priesthood to bless both his and his familys life. 
But i think the biggest miracle that has come from this week is with J and S and their family... here is a little background incase i havent given it. J*** is the father of the family and he is probably in his thirties and is first nation, and man has that guy been through a lot in his life. But my favorite part is the fact that he has been taught by elders before and he just made fun of them and wasted there time but he wont do that to us because he says we are different and that he believes now. S*** is his wife (she is white)... she was who was referred to us from a lady in red deer alberta and she has been right by jays side as they have made changes. They have five beautiful children. The oldest is t*** and she is 11. She is partial blind but i think the cutest thing i have ever seen is when she asked her primary teacher to explain what was on the board so she could understand better what the teacher was trying to teach. ADORBS!!!! L*** is 8. She is cute and tells us she has read the whole book of mormon.... we arent sure how much she has really read but we know she is reading... its great! C*** is 6 and she is slightly crazy. But she wants to impress us so she is starting to settle down. D*** is four and he has some autism and so we have to be careful with him especially when he gets mad but he is totally cute and loves showing off to us, and A*** is the baby... in fact they usually just call her baby... but ya thats the family. They are probably our number one focus right now due to the fact that the whole family has a baptismal date for march 8 that they want to move up to as soon as possible.... they have really grabbed on and ran with what we have taught. They all came to church this week and this ward is so good they have just engulfed them into love. But the miracle came on tuesday.... we went over to teach and J*** had really hurt his back the night before and was struggling with sitting up and walking and everything... :( it was sad to see. So it was offered to him that he could have a priesthood blessing. We told him it worked according to his faith and gods will and he said he would be willing to try anything (the doctors were trying to decide if he was going to be in a wheelchair the rest of this life or not) and so the elders came and gave him a blessing and then left... we stayed and continued to talk to him and not even ten min later he was holding his back with a shocked look on his face... when we asked him what was wrong he looked at us and said my back doesnt hurt anymore... WHAT?!?!... ya my back doesnt hurt anymore... okay... so he stood up and started walking, but it didnt stop there... he picked up his baby girl (who had been a struggle to lift up to his lap earlier that day) and started carrying her around..... He literally had a take up thy bed and walk experience and now he is commited to everything he says because he knows this church is true... we are so excited for this family and their plans on baptism... they are truly going to be our miracle story for the transfer. 
Oh and now we have a third in our TRIPAN!!! her name is Sister Ashton-Corn and i love her to death! She is going to be my little ginger friend and we are giong to have so much fun! 
Love you all... Pray for miracles, they are real!

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