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Monday, February 3, 2014

Feb 3...a Book of Mormon

So.... This week was full of adventures
We are still trying to get used to the tripan which is a lot more difficult then people give us credit for. But as we are opening up to each other and really getting to know each other things are getting better... 
A lot of our week this week was spent focusing on the Cook family. They are doing so good and progressing so much. Jay has so many experiences that are just like miracles after miracles after miracles. for example... one day him and sheila werent happy with each other so he decided to go for a walk. As he was walking he saw a church (not our church) and decided to go in and pray because he knows prayer makes him feel better... as he was walking in he saw a book on the ground and low and behold you will never guess what book it was... A BOOK OF MORMON!!!!! He opened it up and there were passages that were marked. These passages were exactly what he needed to hear at the time so he started walking home. On his way home he saw a lady crying and when he started talking to her she said she wanted to be closer to God because she was so distant and so HE GAVE HER THE BOOK OF MORMON!!!!! He told her that he felt he was suppose to give this to her and to read the passages marked and then walked home. He has so many incredible experiences like this... make sure to ask me about more when i get home. 
This week was more difficult when it comes to good stories to tell and im sorry about that but know that I KNOW that God lives and that he loves each and every one of us and nothing we say or nothing other people say or do will every change that! 
But im alive healthy and not frozen yet... so all is well in good old saskatoon! Exchanges are coming up this week and then president after that... we are so excited!!!!!!! Love you all!!!!!!

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