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Monday, February 24, 2014

Feb 24...sickness and member splits

So this week we decided to take turns catching the flu.... but getting the flu in a tripan has its perks... We were able to do member splits a lot easier which made getting to know the members on a personal level a lot easier because well you are with them... a lot... by yourself. so that was fun! Me and lousie one of our recent converts got to go to the food bank and found some great treasures there including a necktie for one of our elders made out of turqoise!  And i got to have a phillipino companion (also a recent convert) to be my companion for a phillipino meal... that was good! I really love this area so much... i will be so sad if i have to leave this place.. I love saskatoon! But.......
I think the highlight of my week was jay and sheilas family though! they have progressed so much and we are so excited for their baptisms this weekend... :) they taught us family home evening this week, so cute, and want to have a feast with us before their baptism! i love this family with all my heart! please keep them in your prayers and know that they make a difference! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

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