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Monday, March 3, 2014

Mar 3... trial by baptism

So this week was so much fun and full of craziness I really hope I can do it justice. 
We will start with monday... Monday we went over to the cook families house and Jay was in so much pain we didnt know what we (as sisters) could do to help him.... but luckily the elders are a phone call away. So they are super helpful especially when they come over and give Jay a blessing. The priesthood is seriously one of the most powerful things!!!! If anything my mission has taught me how to righteously rely on the priesthood and trust more fully in the genuine council from god! 
Then tuesday came and it was a fabulous district meeting where we got to learn more about christlike attributes... Elder Wiltse is seriously a fantastic missionary and district leader and the spirit was so strong.... we did it where he called on people to give portions on christlike attributes they think they are good at. Of course he decided to pick on me and honestly i don't feel like i'm very good at any of them but i choose to do it on the one god has taught me the most on my mission... and that is patience.... i hope i'm getting better at it... i learned a lot about it by studying it. Then we went to go see a less-active and she told us the craziest story.... Her daughter died of cancer and her last wish was not to meet an apostle... no her last wish was to meet an apostles wife... so of course they helped her wish come true. She got to go and meet sister monson (this was like years ago) and that is super special! But it gets even better. After meeting sister Monson they decided to let her meet President monson so this less active sister got to meet president Monson and a lot of the twelve. It was the greatest story ever! Then we went to go see Jay and Sheila and we got a phone call to meet them at the mall instead... which is weird... but we did and they proceeded to tell us that their gas line was leaking and it wasn't safe for them to be at their house.... yep the things that happen before your baptism. So we met them at the mall and had a lesson in the food court. It's funny how the spirit can work in the weirdest of places. Then we got to play basketball that night.... I LOVE BASKETBALL!!!!! and this week i got to be on the dream team... we played so much i was sore the next day... its fun to find unique ways like that to do missionary work. 
On Wednesday we went to our Iranian friends house. We found out some fun information about their family and then were able to have a very serious question about prophets.... its so hard to tell someone about prophets and the importance of them and what you believe when they don't believe there is a God. Then we again stopped by the Cook family (you will figure out we saw them every day this week, i would TOTALLY suggest it on the week of baptisms... something ALWAYS happens) The gas pipe was still leaking... jay passed out because of it... and we spent that time getting Sheila calm and helping bring the spirit into their gas filled home. It was fun and we got to spend that time getting to know them better as people not just as investigators.... they are seriously an INCREDIBLE family. 
On thursday we had the food bank in the morning... the friendship inn (a soup kitchen) again in the afternoon, and transfer calls...... so drum roll.... I get to STAY!!!! i'm so excited but it always comes with a catch... Sister Mcphee will be my new companion (so excited for that. i have wanted to serve with her my entire mission) and we will be sister training leaders for two zones of sisters... so i get to do exchanges and other fun official stuff..... hence the catch haha. Then back to Jay and Sheila... we had dinner at their place and it was fabulous... i swear they always give us like a feast! it was good we talked about enduring to the end then had arm wrestling wars... ya we have learned how to relate anything to the gospel... 
then friday....  friday we did bingo and moved...all day... old people get way to intense with bingo and moving.... i need to work out more... but it was a good day. 
Then saturday came and the best day ever!!!!! it was -55 degrees that morning and what are we doing.... ya we are moving jay and sheila... they moved the day of their baptism.... so 12 of the elders in the city... so all the elders in the city came and helped us move that family... we got it done in an hour and no frost bite... then jay and sheilas baptism.... it was the best day ever... they got baptized... ITS INSANE!!!! then we had another baptism... then they drained the font and forgot about the third baptism.... so we filled it up in fourty five minutes.... it was such a good day and a good week.... LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!

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