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Monday, March 17, 2014

Mar 17...It's a # week

Okay so this week was full of so much more stuff than last week! It was fun... a little crazy but fun!!!! and me and sister Mcphee found hash tags and quotes that helped us explain our week, with some background stories to it too of course! 
#whencompanionsbecomefamiliy#itsgenetic.... we got a phone call friday night telling us that one of sister Mcphees old companions is getting married... to another companions brother... so literally companions are becoming family... sister in laws to be more precise and its really fun! So we decided we are going to pull this cousin thing as far as we can... even though we are so far back it doesn't even make a difference in anything it makes a difference in our hearts... so we are family and that wont change... but that also means when anything goes wrong we can blame it on genetics. which means its genetics comes up frequently because nothing ever goes as planned as a missionary!
We had district meeting and it was seriously one of the greatest district meetings ever! I swear they just get better and better each time. My new district leaders name is Elder Bee... when they told me that i thought the B was to stand short for something like Barton or something but no its Elder Bee... like a bumble bee... and this was his first district meeting... it was on patience and feeling the spirit which ended up being exactly what me and sister mcphee needed for the week... i love how in tune people are sometimes. So we talked a lot about district goals and then me and sister mcphee made some personal goals... Some of the district goals we made were to have seven lessons a week (our area seems to be a little different then the provo mission), baptise two people as a district this transfer, and study 15 min of the book of mormon as a companionship... the hardest one so far has been the fifteen minutes since it usually finds itself at the end of each day around 10:15 but we are gonna keep at it for sure. And then i made a personal goal to finish the book of mormon this transfer... I am in the middle of alma and think i can do it... i hope i can do it.... :P but my favorite part about districts is the fact that we are held accountable for our goals so this transfer we are going to "BEE" accountable to each other... get it.... bee... haha.... Then we went to basketball night and that is always a blast... and I couldn't even believe how ineffectively i was using that night... im really glad sister mcphee is helping me get better at that to really improve my missionary work at things like basketball night. 
This day was a little slower than most... but I think my favorite part of wednesday was our family history center shift... I love finding stories and documents to help people get excited about family history work and the things that can happen there... this week i found a document for John Cunningham... not sure where he is on the line but he is there... and it put him in the Defective, Dependent, and Delinquent classes.... So THATS where that comes from! haha jk... that one definitely isnt genetic it just happened by chance!
We called Thursday T for tornado day...... and it seriously felt like everything exploded all at once it was fun! We had an entire morning of service which ended in me swimming to my car almost literally (where was a camera when you needed it, oh wait it was in the car) The water was so deep and i wasn't wearing my boots so i had to take of my shoes and wade in icy water to get to the car..... only in saskatoon does negative to positive so fast make it feel like you are noah in the ark.... but its okay we made it and we just kept swimming from there. We were able to go thirty minutes out to a small town called Warmen for dinner with a member and that was a blast. then we made it back into town in just enough time to find out the wildwood sisters got in a car accident.... 
-okay i think i need a side note to explain STL for a little bit.... a sister training leader is a lot like a zone leader... we are in charge of certain sisters in the mission and we do exchanges and stuff and we get phone calls for emotional needs so elders don't have to deal with that stuff..... So i am one of the saskatoon STLs which means i cover three different sets of sisters... wildwood and meadow green are in the city and prince albert is about two hours away and we love it when they call and stuff.... 
So we were able to meet them at the church and make sure everyone was okay... sister hutchinson wanted lots of hugs.... the best part was their story that came with the accident... apparently this HUGE truck totally crashed into them but did that stop the guys in the truck from asking them out to dinner.... NOPE.... so they had to turn down a free dinner and call the office to tell them that they no longer had a about a bummer night... 
#21.1.22 We had an emergency MLC (mission leadership council) to talk about facebook... MLC has a lot of people invited now... and we do it by skype, which means we got to see newpawl, moosejaw, regina, thompson, winnipeg, kenora, and us.... talk about covering all the corners possible haha. and yes i now officially have facebook! But the meeting lasted about three hours maybe a little more and it was all about the guidelines with facebook.... but the best part of the meeting was the fact that the saskatoon zone finished hymns before anyone else in the mission... apparently we just like a better tempo up here in saskatoon. Then we just kept going from there.. i set up my account... we tried a couple of things... it was really nice when we got to see the meadow green sisters... we picked them up from their service opportunity and took them home (they are walking) it was funny because we have a ghetto area that both us and meadow green sisters work in so while we were waiting for them at the soup kitchen we started hearing people scream and shout... i was like oh man can we be jumped here... sister mcphee responded its okay thats why i locked the door.... we really arent in any danger but its nice to know that my companion has my back. its sad because we got to see the meadow green sisters again that night, and not for a fun visit this time either... one of our sisters moms died and it was really sad but she was doing so good about it and the dozen donuts we brought im sure was nice to be able to physically be there for them even if we didnt do much. This is the first time thats been possible for the sisters. 
It seemed to be full of dangerous adventures again... we were walking down the street... and here in canada the people plug in their cars... it was dark... and we saw a lighted up plug and sister mcphee found a perfect hash tag.... #isthatabomb.... of course it wasnt and there was no way it could be but you can tell youre a missionary when its late and youre tired and a lighted up plug in looks like a bomb... we also had another you can tell when..... you can tell your old when facebook and online proselyting is scary... I did my first hour of online proselyting on friday and it wasnt as easy as i thought it would be... Facebook has changed a lot in a year and i still feel like im breaking rules even though i have been given the approval for it because i have been out for so long and it wasnt allowed for even longer than that... it will just take some getting use to thats for sure. 
Sunday: #love
 I learned how to say i love you in tagalog... that was fun... We also were able to go to choir practice (i love the music we are singing but theres so many high notes... they are hard to hit) Then we spent the evening with the meadow green sisters... she showed us pictures of her mom and talked about her family and i was so honored to be there with her. She said "I dont know what I did in heaven to deserve my family" it was so incredible to see such a powerful woman take such a great turn on a tragic event.... and it really made me reflect on how much i love my famliy! 
It was SUCH A GOOD WEEK!!!! im excited for the adventures of this next week!

                                          Jessalyn's new companion and distant cousin, Sister Mcphee
                                         Sister Hutchinson "back in the same city" reunion
                                          baking with sister McPhee

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  1. Companions with your cousin-cool! And for you to post a photo of Sister Hutchinson and you. Cool. We love and miss you both.