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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

week #6 Time flies and portion size...


Okay so I kind of forgot my notes again, Im getting kind of bad at that so I am going to try and remember EVERYTHING to tell you.... which is a lot! Its been a great week! We met this lady Im not sure if Ive told you about her but I think I have, her name is Maybel she is from Nigeria. Well we went to dinner at her apartment and she just fell in love with us. She gave us Nigerian names... Mine is Ose which means beauty. She just makes me feel so loved! She made the SPICIEST FOOD!!!! it tasted so good. Then she sent us home with his HUGE thing of spicy rice and we added it to our veggie chili that tastes mmhmmm sooo good!
I met with President Thomas this week. What is going to happen is either one of us (me or Sister Hutchinson) are going to have to train or they are going to have us finish our training and have Sister Rush train again. So i guess we will find out soon enough since transfers are like RIGHT BEHIND THE CORNER!!! It is so crazy how fast time flys. I feel like ive been here for years that have been squished into hours that are really only days and weeks.
 We met with this lady and when we asked her to be baptized she said "ya i knew i would be sooner or later"!!! yay! now we are setting up a date, today actually if everything goes as planned (cross my fingers). It makes me so excited when anyone does anything to come closer to Christ. That is the ultimate goal and some people go faster than others and some people have to go really really slow. We got to meet Janes baby this week (rosa)! she is so cute and so strong for everything she has been through. It cost a lot in parking to go see her especially because we went to the wrong hospital to start out with but its worth it. She means so much to her Mom and we were honored that she wanted us to be included in that part of her life.
The language barriers are getting really hard here. We have a couple of investigators who we want to progress but they dont understand what we are saying all the time, they just know that we have good stuff to say. With God we will get through it but it will take time. We did an FHE with this family. It was wonderful it gave us trust with the kids and allowed the mom to have a moment of real peace not just alone time with her kids. We also went and taught soemone who we found by a member moving and her moving in. She is very receptive to the gospel and it will be interesting to see where she ends up. Appointments have been falling through so we are trying to figure out what is making the difference because we want to be doing the Lords work and apparently we are doing something wrong. I guess we will figure it out eventually.
This hispanic family fed us this week... THE FOOD PORTION SIZES WERE HUGE!!!!!! but don't worry I can pack some food down ;).
OK so this weekend was stake conference and Elder Foster came down. He is amazing. He is from Rigby none the less and guess what, Grandpa Harrison taught him in high school. He said hi to grandpa and they were all excited because I reminded them of home. We then had a wonderful zone training with them and wow talk about feeling the fire of missionary work after that. We are going to have to kick it up if we want to accomplish everything we thought of, good thing im good at taking care of my body. We did a music number too at the zone conference, it was great! Speaking of which Sister Rush teaches lessons in her sleep. She got mad at me for not staying awake during the lesson and I was almost in tears until I realized that whelp, it was two in the morning and I have every right to sleep. She got sister Hutchinson this week too... There is no sleep for the working according to sister Rush.  Oh Elder Montoya, one of my zone leaders is from Virginia but he went to BYUI the same time I did... Weird connection, and I met an elder up here from Idaho Falls! It is funny the connections I find up here, oh plus I met Elder Barfuss! (mom's second cousin's boy) we didnt get to talk long but we met and we have plans to talk more next time so hopefully, he is SUPER nice! All the elders here are wonderful! I should write more next week when i have my notes but those were the highlights of my week! I love you all and hope you all the best, you are in my prayers and in my heart!!!!!!
Love Sister Harrison

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Week#5 Answers....

This is Jessalyn's mom. I post on this blog for her. This week I sent her and her sister (also a missionary, in Provo Utah) a list of questions. These are Jessalyn's answers.
What do you do for daily exercise?
For us it depends on the day, we do yoga, circuits, and we train for dodgeball some days too

Is there anything you are really struggling living without?
I miss oreos, dr pepper haha, things I don't need to have. I really want my hair dresser too
Are you giving yourselves gold stars? (this is something we asked them to do to celebrate their accomplishments)
I started giving those but now it gets harder, the failures are taking over but I'm working on it
Which shoes do you wear most often?
my boots, there is still so much snow and I need them every day or my feet get wet and cold
do you need a hair cut yet?  is there someone in your wards who cuts hair?
I need a haircut but i don't know where to go, i need to start asking around
What do you eat for breakfast?
peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
Is there still snow on the ground?
yes but its slowly melting and then it snows again.... sister Hutchinson hates the snow
how are you BEING a good companion?
I am not taking charge. I am learning new concepts of how to do things.
do you get letters from anyone in our extended family?
I got an email from Rhonda.... i haven't ever gotten a hand written letter except for that very first one the day I got here.
what's an interesting fact about the city you live in?
You can only park on one side of the road
what's your district leader like?
He's smart and quiet he's tall and has dark brown hair,.... his name is elder French
What fun things do you do on p-day?
we play dodgeball and email
Do you ever see your mission president and his wife?
we usually see one of them once a week
Where do you think you will get to be on mothers day to call home?
 no idea sorry mom. But remember i have six hours of church every week so i will find time
How often do members feed you?
once or twice a week and they usually feed us really well
does anyone in your wards want to take pictures of you and email them to me?
i can ask but we are just trying to get to know members

And here is part of her letter.
Okay well like my lovely sister Harrison number 2 I also cannot believe its already monday.... We met this family from Sudan they are as dark as night and are all gorgeous she has seven kids and they are all listening into our lessons. They prayed about a prophet and knew it was true and know that what we are teaching is truth but the only problem is they think that EVERYTHING is truth and it all leads back to God no matter what path you are on, we are gonna have to work on that one. The elders got food dropped off to their apartment at six o clock in the morning because the wards don't know where we live, haha poor elders getting woke up, seeing all the food, then having to freely give it to us. Its a good thing they love us. Our relationships with the elders have improved a lot this week and it makes things easier when we are all working in harmony. Sister Rush went on a trip to Brandon this week, its another area in our mission. She went for a funeral and so that left me and Sister Hutchinson, newbies, to fend for ourselves. We decided that freedom came at a price, luckily it was only a parking ticket because the parking here is absolutely ridiculous. A van was covering the little machine that we have to pay a toonie in so of course the parking cops decided to pick on the poor innocent sister missionaries.
 I want you to know that i still get homesick but it helps to know that I have you forever. I bring my concerns to the Lord and he answers my prayers. My angels here are my fellow missionaries and I just love them. My companions are great and the elders are so supportive. Have a great week and BE GOOD.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Week #4 " I've never seen girl missionaries before"

Ok.... so Ive tried every week to attach pictures and have failed miserably, hopefully one of these days I will figure it out and be able to send you lots of pictures. And mom my memory is bad too I use my planner and make notes on each pday of stuff to send home to you guys. Ok so everythings not in order because I dont remember what happened on what day but it all happened I promise. We got to meet a lot of members of the two wards we are covering. Everyone is so excited that we are here because they haven't seen sister missionaries in like 15 years. So everyone is giving us lists of people to go see and offering to go on splits with us to help us cover more ground and we are getting lots and lots of hugs. My favorite is we went to this one family and this girl ran up to the door and ran off screaming at the top of her lungs the missionaries are here the missionaries are here... she absolutely loves us and its so cute! Then when we were talking she seriously looks into my eyes and says, "ive never seen girl missionaries before" its like we are disney princesses in her eyes and we are the most amazing thing she has seen. It was so sweet! We also had six straight hours of church with no lunch... welcome to sundays. Because we cover wards we go to one right after another and eat a granola bar in between to keep us going until dinner... hopefully that keeps working but it'll make fast sundays really easy. Sunday night we had a meal appointment and the people were super funny! They made a 'greenie' meal. At first I didnt know what was happening when i walked in the chicken looked green and i started of thinking of ways i could politely turn it down so i wouldnt DIE and then i realized that the mashed potatoes were green too! they are so nice they make green meals for every new missionary that comes into their areas. It was one of the nicest gestures.
So we have a senior couple living in our building for this past week, they are leaving tomorrow which is really sad because its like having a part of home (grandparents) that come in and check on us every night.  Ive been able to do splits with them most of the week and of course they reported back to the mission president that i was excellent and now im in fear that i will be cut short of my training to train new missionaries because we are getting so many new sisters. I need all the help i can get so cutting my training would be AWFUL!!!!  We are trying to become missionaries the lord can trust and that has been a little difficult. We keep messing up and learning new things   Im also pretty sure ive screwed up multiple times this week due to my lack of focus. and a couple of times I have questioned my being out here but the lord always kindly reminds me this is where I need to be even tho its been a more difficult week then normal... Im being exactly obedient and im trying hard to stay in missionary mode but there was one day where jessalyn snuck in a little too much and i wasnt given all the information and i think I kind of offended someone. Not so good at all. but luckily the lord helped me fix it the best i can and now she is willing to at least talk to me and she came to church on sunday so maybe things will get better. 
 Sister hutchinson is AMAZING! I love her and im pretty sure we are going to be friends forever! She is so funny, ditsy, and sarcastic and together we can sometimes act like three year olds (when its the apporopriate time to do so) and our 'mom' sister rush (thats what they call trainers here) pretty much shakes her head at us and wonders how we can ever be serious haha its wonderful! But her and sister rush have gone out on their own while I was with the Jacks. One of their appointments totally got snatched up by two female jehovah witnesses... haha sister Rush just sayed "those j-dubs just stole our appointment" soooo funny! I was able to go into this home where this older lady lived with her husband... it was such a humbling experience to hear her pray at the end it almost made me cry. She is so beautiful and i think she wants to be fully committed and because her husband isnt a member she has no support at home. I just hope she finishes strong.
Sister Hutchinson is so ditsy... her name is Taegan and i love her. She one day was walking and we were trudging through this snow pile to save time and she started running because for some strange reason she was wearing flats. She tripped while running and instead of her feet hitting the ground again it was her face. IT was SOOOOO funny! she totally did a superman into the snow and sat there for like two minutes just wallowing in her shame. Then she was able to get up and laugh about it. Seriously she is wonderful . Together us three are the 'secret weapons' and once everyone else figures that out we can use our super powers (such as sister Hutchinsons super man) we will CONQUER the world! or at least the two areas we are covering.
 I also met this woman at church she is new to the area because her daughter is recovering in the hospital from heart surgery. She is an amazing woman and I LOVE HER! Her daughter is three months old and she is currently away from her other kids to take care of her healing daughter. I asked if we could stop by frequently to make sure she is okay and she said she would love that then she came up after church gave me a big hug and said thanks i really needed a friend and so im glad you were here.... mom I was wondering if you could ask sister Summers if there was anything i could tell this sister to make her feel a little better since i have no life experiences of my own to fall back on.
Over all even tho there were a couple really negative things  I LOVE it.. it has been a great week full of personal growth and refinement followed by a great use of the atonement. Im excited to look for your letters.... hopefully i get them soon I dont know when the next time we see president is but we will find out soon enough. I love you all and you are constantly in my prayers and my heart! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Monday, April 8, 2013

week #3 In the city in a tri-panionship.


So this week has been full of real missionary adventures and exciting things to do! We made it safely to Winnipeg and I sat by Elder Casey from another district the whole flight so unfortunately (but im really fine with it) my missionary experience didn't start in the airplane. People looked at us funny though so I was able to start conversations and I am surprised with what I used to start conversations. I used lime green suitcases, pretty jackets, and even the weather. If you keep a smile on your face everyone is really nice. Of course with all these conversations I forgot the pass along card in my pocket, dont worry i've repented. When we got through customs (which mom you trained me so well i was silent all the way through and everyone was asking what was wrong haha) we were engulfed with the love of president and sister Thomas. I think we were missing that in the mtc our teachers can only do so much and i knew the minute sister Thomas hugged me this is where i needed to be. We were then given a REAL cooked meal followed by a REAL bed and a REAL nights sleep. Apparently everything in the MTC is fake in comparison. The next morning we meet our trainers. Me and sister Hutchinson (one of the girls from my district in the mtc) actually got to stay together! our trainer is sister rush, because there is an odd number of sisters one of us had to be in a tri-panionship haha but its actually been a blast and i think its what me and sister Hutchinson need to get through this awkward transition together. We got assigned in Winnipeg so we are in the city but after the road trip today i am realizing we are kind of in the ghetto part of the city. (mom sorry i dont know my address yet but hopefully next week) We are actually reopening the area and its the first time sisters have been there. Its crazy starting from ground zero in every aspect of your mission so i wonder why the lord wants me to start off so new. We work with two wards, the London and gateway, with six elders that are working with only one of the wards... We had our first lesson, it was a passing lesson meaning the elders were giving her to us for the rest of the time period. We also had ward correlation . We got through the business (which was easy we have none yet haha) and were surprised with a treat due to our lovely elders, elder stoker and elder Montoya. Brother D. our ward mission leader is from the Philippines and made us this treat called balut.... im using treat lightly because its rather disgusting actually. Balut is a fertilized undeveloped duck egg that is cooked and then eaten, little duckling and all. I was of course fearless and became the first sister the elders had seen eat balut (you should look up pictures on google) and then sister Hutchinson out of pride followed... sister rush got it into her mouth then spit it out almost immediately and later that night me and sister hutchinson wished we had done the same. but you know its all part of the experience. We then went contacting and even did a little proselyting which they don't really like to do here.  My mission also has this dignified language rule... that means no awesome or cool or ghetto (sorry i used that one, ooops) and sister Rush corrects us ALL the time... Its really really hard to try to get that stuff out of our lives. Oh more about contacting: we went to this one sisters house but we were faced with this HUGE dog..... it was a Newfoundlander and it was like the size of a mini cooper i swear it was HUGE! She of course made sure to call us to the back yard not through the front door so the big dog could be barking in my face... my thoughts were NO FLIPPIN WAY and a bunch of other undignified words but sister Rush had no fear she walked right up to that dog and the lady and shook her head... she is so brave for such a small girl... so ive had bad food, a giant dog, door knocking am i done yet!? jk its been a wonderful adventure and each day gets more fun. our apartment is nice even though our hallway smells like smoke so we put a towel by the gap at the bottom of the door to keep it out.... with three of us in a bedroom we feel a little like sardines in a  can which is uncomfortable until i realize im surround by two wonderful sisters and i feel more loved being close... we change in the storage room where we keep our clothes cuz our room has NO ROOM haha. Our trainer sister rush is smaller but full of power.... she has put us straight to work and makes each day go by so fast with how busy she is keeping us, sometimes we have to remind her that we need food too haha! This is already a wonderful area and it hasn't even been a week I'm excited for the three months ahead (oh ya mom if all goes well we stay in the same area for two transfers for training) I love you all so much! dad i will email you with those scriptures, boys ill get back to you, summer don't worry i wont forget you, kaylynn i pray for you! and mom ill send you a special note but this is my large letter to everyone so I LOVE YOU!

Monday, April 1, 2013

week #2 not as much a roller coaster

Okay so this week has been not nearly as much as a roller coaster as last week but it has been fun. My companion and I have had many companionship inventorys due to our differences and at first I thought that meant we were a bad match and we were behind all the other companionships and then I realized that us being able to talk bout things that needed changed allowed us to get past them and use the atonment in our lives to make our companionship stronger, also she is really good about being exactly obedient so together we are staying on task. She is a great person! The classes and devotionals have all been fabulous as per excpected but I really enjoyed Sheri Dews sunday night MTC devotional last night.... mom if i remember right you like her so i hope you like what she said.... She made a pretty clear point that the savior wasnt our last chance he was our ONLY chance and that was just so awesome to hear, especially on Easter when Christ was ressurrected. My testimony as just grown so much here and being able to read the scriptures and analyse every single verse is just an experience I hope I continue when i come home. My favorite chapter to study has been alma 18... I would suggest reading it with missionary work in mind. We do a lot of practice lessons in the MTC some our with our teachers called progressive investigators (they are real people they taught on their missions, ) and the other ones are called TRC which are staff members and volunteers that come from the outside world to help us practice our teaching skills. Barbara was one of our TRC people and she was so awesome! I just love her!!!! and i was able to make a connection with her and help her understand that I knew how she felt but I also knew that God loved her so much. The spirit was so strong I felt it jumping out of my heart and my hands were shaking so much. It was incredible. All of our other lessons have been great learning opprotunities and its really easy to see how loving someone helps. Jason we got to commit to baptism which was an accomplishment for us an gave us a sense of hope for the future. Our teachers are AMAZING!!!! I love them so much and am sad they cant come with us to canada. Brother Smith is my favorite, he is studying engineering and is a very dominant personality so he is able to relate to the feelings that im having and the struggles i am going through. He is so great! I am so glad God put him in my life to help me through this MTC experience. Brother Jacob is our other teacher and he has such a soft amazing spirit that just emminates the love of God to everyone he is so great!!!! I cannot explain in words the experiences our teachers have allowed us to have it is so awesome.

The dorms arent as small as i thought they were but i still kind of feel like a beehive of monks haha which is a weird comparison but SOOO true. Sisters are getting really good at harmonizing in the bathroom and make it fun to listen while we get ready for bed. Im sad to be leaving the MTC so soon i want to stay here a little bit longer but i dont think i will ever be fully ready for the field i just need to jump into it.
have fun in arizona! mom im gonna work on my calling card but no one has been able to figure it out but dont worry when there is a will there is a way.... we leave for the airport around five in the morning so i will probably call between 630 and 730 sorry thats the best i can give you.... I LOVE YOU ALL!!! i enjoy your emails and kade now im thinking in whale haha. ... dad thanks for the letters of advice, look out for a letter coming your way of something i realized in the temple, and jace WAY TO GO YOU STUD! you are going to be a great thrower i can already see it. LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!! May god be with you and you are all in my prayers!!!!!
LOVE Sister Harrison

week #1 The MTC is close to heaven

Dear Familia! this week has been absolutely amazing. We have so many great experiences here and i TRULY believe that the MTC is another close place to heaven. My district is amazing we have six elders and four sisters and we are all going to winnipeg canada!!!!! The sisters are sister strobel and sister bronson (the two sisters I added on facebook before i left) and sister hutchinson which we love so much. Sister Strobel is my companion and she is so patient with me as i try to get some walls personally here at the MTC. Her spirit is so soft and loving she makes being away from home a little easier. The first day felt kind of like being part of a herd of cattle being hurried from one place to another with hardly no breaks. Me and kaylynn were split pretty early on but she lives down stairs from me and her classroom is just around the corner from mine so I see her all the time. I love her and seeing her is a tender mercy from God every day. Kaylynns pday is thursday by the way so you probably wont hear from her until then. There is hardly enough time for journaling at night let alone being able to write each of you like i would like to. Jace this is like a boarding school with all you can eat food and im sure as an elder you will appreciate the food but for me its just MEH. I'm liking more the caffine free diet coke on tap. I always seem to forget my lactase too because they dont want us really carrying our bags around. KIND OF SILLY I THINK but exact obedience. WHICH IM DOING!!!! I wake up on time if not early every morning get ontime to everything and do everything asked of me. .. im doing it mom. Oh but about the pills they have a dietary needs line which is even grosser then the regular food but it helps my stomach so i do that when i dont remember my pill so i have had  pizza with absolutely no cheese. Im starting to appreciate my pills more. Our room is filled with six sisters... us in our district and two sisters going to san jose. Everyone here is so nice and loving. Teaching has been absolutely the hardest thing i have ever done. There are times where i feel so inadequate and then i remember that on the back of my badge that i wear every day is a small golden star to help me when im down. BOYS READ PREACH MY GOSPEL!!!! it will help you so much on your mission to have not only already read it but learned what was in the lessons.
My teachers are so powerful and so wonderful they are helping us get closer to christ which is completely needed.
OH mom they had me get a shot and then told me i have three more to get in the field. Im not upset at the MTC im upset at the dr because they gave us false information which i dont appreciate. SO my shots cost 76 dollars which i payed for but i will send home an insurance sheet today. If you cant get insurance to pay for it thats fine. God will bless me for exact obedience even though its not convinent. Our district is 'we are, we CAN-WIN' get it winnipeg and canada can-win we thought we were pretty clever. Gym time is fun. We play lightning as a district and jace (and everyone else) I BEAT THOSE ELDERS!!!!! I won like all but three of the games and one of the elders played in highschool and i prettymuch gained respect as the cool sister when i could reach their level. Oh and im starting to feel a little better i just really cant get over this cough.
 OKay down to the spiritual stuff of my week. My teachers are bro smith and bro jacobs. I like them a lot they have so much insight that i need. But i think what has touched me the most was the day i felt like i couldnt actually do a mission that i had no idea why i was here. That whole day was focused around me it felt like and the thing that stuck out the most was 'how do we expect it to be easy, when it wasnt easy for him?' Its talking about all that christ had to go through. We cannot comprehend what he gave for us but we can utilize it to help us feel whole, strong, courageous, loving, patient, and clean. I have gained such a love for my savior since being here and i know that he will always be part of my life. I love being on a mission and already it is the hardest thing i have ever done but everyone keeps telling me i can do it, that they are jealous, or that it only gets better and its worth it. Im starting to believe them and that increases my spirit in classroom time, personal study, and the time i spend learning with my companion. I love you guys so much and i will try to write more in a written letter (emailing time is so short) But remember i love you, the lord loves you, and without your prayers and your love i wouldnt be able to find the courage to get out of bed every morning. You are my strength, my testimony, my rock and im so grateful for the things you guys have taught me. I LOVE YOU and i cannot wait to be able to let you read my journal so you can understand so much more but until that time may God be with you until we meet again!

LLLOOOOVEEEE sister harrison!!!!!!! (jessalyn)

oh ps. mom we can call at the airport at like six in the morning the day we leave so dear elder me what you think about that. and keep the dear elders coming they deliever them every day and I LOVE THEM!!!! Also dad. thank you for being so strong! Jace and kade you are my light and my elders help me remember the love you have for your sister. and will you forward this to summer i dont have her email and i havent heard from her. oh and dont forget the blog if you feel so inclined. Thank you for everything!

Kaylynn im forwarding this to you too... i love you!!!!! see you soon sweetie!