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Monday, April 8, 2013

week #3 In the city in a tri-panionship.


So this week has been full of real missionary adventures and exciting things to do! We made it safely to Winnipeg and I sat by Elder Casey from another district the whole flight so unfortunately (but im really fine with it) my missionary experience didn't start in the airplane. People looked at us funny though so I was able to start conversations and I am surprised with what I used to start conversations. I used lime green suitcases, pretty jackets, and even the weather. If you keep a smile on your face everyone is really nice. Of course with all these conversations I forgot the pass along card in my pocket, dont worry i've repented. When we got through customs (which mom you trained me so well i was silent all the way through and everyone was asking what was wrong haha) we were engulfed with the love of president and sister Thomas. I think we were missing that in the mtc our teachers can only do so much and i knew the minute sister Thomas hugged me this is where i needed to be. We were then given a REAL cooked meal followed by a REAL bed and a REAL nights sleep. Apparently everything in the MTC is fake in comparison. The next morning we meet our trainers. Me and sister Hutchinson (one of the girls from my district in the mtc) actually got to stay together! our trainer is sister rush, because there is an odd number of sisters one of us had to be in a tri-panionship haha but its actually been a blast and i think its what me and sister Hutchinson need to get through this awkward transition together. We got assigned in Winnipeg so we are in the city but after the road trip today i am realizing we are kind of in the ghetto part of the city. (mom sorry i dont know my address yet but hopefully next week) We are actually reopening the area and its the first time sisters have been there. Its crazy starting from ground zero in every aspect of your mission so i wonder why the lord wants me to start off so new. We work with two wards, the London and gateway, with six elders that are working with only one of the wards... We had our first lesson, it was a passing lesson meaning the elders were giving her to us for the rest of the time period. We also had ward correlation . We got through the business (which was easy we have none yet haha) and were surprised with a treat due to our lovely elders, elder stoker and elder Montoya. Brother D. our ward mission leader is from the Philippines and made us this treat called balut.... im using treat lightly because its rather disgusting actually. Balut is a fertilized undeveloped duck egg that is cooked and then eaten, little duckling and all. I was of course fearless and became the first sister the elders had seen eat balut (you should look up pictures on google) and then sister Hutchinson out of pride followed... sister rush got it into her mouth then spit it out almost immediately and later that night me and sister hutchinson wished we had done the same. but you know its all part of the experience. We then went contacting and even did a little proselyting which they don't really like to do here.  My mission also has this dignified language rule... that means no awesome or cool or ghetto (sorry i used that one, ooops) and sister Rush corrects us ALL the time... Its really really hard to try to get that stuff out of our lives. Oh more about contacting: we went to this one sisters house but we were faced with this HUGE dog..... it was a Newfoundlander and it was like the size of a mini cooper i swear it was HUGE! She of course made sure to call us to the back yard not through the front door so the big dog could be barking in my face... my thoughts were NO FLIPPIN WAY and a bunch of other undignified words but sister Rush had no fear she walked right up to that dog and the lady and shook her head... she is so brave for such a small girl... so ive had bad food, a giant dog, door knocking am i done yet!? jk its been a wonderful adventure and each day gets more fun. our apartment is nice even though our hallway smells like smoke so we put a towel by the gap at the bottom of the door to keep it out.... with three of us in a bedroom we feel a little like sardines in a  can which is uncomfortable until i realize im surround by two wonderful sisters and i feel more loved being close... we change in the storage room where we keep our clothes cuz our room has NO ROOM haha. Our trainer sister rush is smaller but full of power.... she has put us straight to work and makes each day go by so fast with how busy she is keeping us, sometimes we have to remind her that we need food too haha! This is already a wonderful area and it hasn't even been a week I'm excited for the three months ahead (oh ya mom if all goes well we stay in the same area for two transfers for training) I love you all so much! dad i will email you with those scriptures, boys ill get back to you, summer don't worry i wont forget you, kaylynn i pray for you! and mom ill send you a special note but this is my large letter to everyone so I LOVE YOU!

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