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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Week#5 Answers....

This is Jessalyn's mom. I post on this blog for her. This week I sent her and her sister (also a missionary, in Provo Utah) a list of questions. These are Jessalyn's answers.
What do you do for daily exercise?
For us it depends on the day, we do yoga, circuits, and we train for dodgeball some days too

Is there anything you are really struggling living without?
I miss oreos, dr pepper haha, things I don't need to have. I really want my hair dresser too
Are you giving yourselves gold stars? (this is something we asked them to do to celebrate their accomplishments)
I started giving those but now it gets harder, the failures are taking over but I'm working on it
Which shoes do you wear most often?
my boots, there is still so much snow and I need them every day or my feet get wet and cold
do you need a hair cut yet?  is there someone in your wards who cuts hair?
I need a haircut but i don't know where to go, i need to start asking around
What do you eat for breakfast?
peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
Is there still snow on the ground?
yes but its slowly melting and then it snows again.... sister Hutchinson hates the snow
how are you BEING a good companion?
I am not taking charge. I am learning new concepts of how to do things.
do you get letters from anyone in our extended family?
I got an email from Rhonda.... i haven't ever gotten a hand written letter except for that very first one the day I got here.
what's an interesting fact about the city you live in?
You can only park on one side of the road
what's your district leader like?
He's smart and quiet he's tall and has dark brown hair,.... his name is elder French
What fun things do you do on p-day?
we play dodgeball and email
Do you ever see your mission president and his wife?
we usually see one of them once a week
Where do you think you will get to be on mothers day to call home?
 no idea sorry mom. But remember i have six hours of church every week so i will find time
How often do members feed you?
once or twice a week and they usually feed us really well
does anyone in your wards want to take pictures of you and email them to me?
i can ask but we are just trying to get to know members

And here is part of her letter.
Okay well like my lovely sister Harrison number 2 I also cannot believe its already monday.... We met this family from Sudan they are as dark as night and are all gorgeous she has seven kids and they are all listening into our lessons. They prayed about a prophet and knew it was true and know that what we are teaching is truth but the only problem is they think that EVERYTHING is truth and it all leads back to God no matter what path you are on, we are gonna have to work on that one. The elders got food dropped off to their apartment at six o clock in the morning because the wards don't know where we live, haha poor elders getting woke up, seeing all the food, then having to freely give it to us. Its a good thing they love us. Our relationships with the elders have improved a lot this week and it makes things easier when we are all working in harmony. Sister Rush went on a trip to Brandon this week, its another area in our mission. She went for a funeral and so that left me and Sister Hutchinson, newbies, to fend for ourselves. We decided that freedom came at a price, luckily it was only a parking ticket because the parking here is absolutely ridiculous. A van was covering the little machine that we have to pay a toonie in so of course the parking cops decided to pick on the poor innocent sister missionaries.
 I want you to know that i still get homesick but it helps to know that I have you forever. I bring my concerns to the Lord and he answers my prayers. My angels here are my fellow missionaries and I just love them. My companions are great and the elders are so supportive. Have a great week and BE GOOD.

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