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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

week #6 Time flies and portion size...


Okay so I kind of forgot my notes again, Im getting kind of bad at that so I am going to try and remember EVERYTHING to tell you.... which is a lot! Its been a great week! We met this lady Im not sure if Ive told you about her but I think I have, her name is Maybel she is from Nigeria. Well we went to dinner at her apartment and she just fell in love with us. She gave us Nigerian names... Mine is Ose which means beauty. She just makes me feel so loved! She made the SPICIEST FOOD!!!! it tasted so good. Then she sent us home with his HUGE thing of spicy rice and we added it to our veggie chili that tastes mmhmmm sooo good!
I met with President Thomas this week. What is going to happen is either one of us (me or Sister Hutchinson) are going to have to train or they are going to have us finish our training and have Sister Rush train again. So i guess we will find out soon enough since transfers are like RIGHT BEHIND THE CORNER!!! It is so crazy how fast time flys. I feel like ive been here for years that have been squished into hours that are really only days and weeks.
 We met with this lady and when we asked her to be baptized she said "ya i knew i would be sooner or later"!!! yay! now we are setting up a date, today actually if everything goes as planned (cross my fingers). It makes me so excited when anyone does anything to come closer to Christ. That is the ultimate goal and some people go faster than others and some people have to go really really slow. We got to meet Janes baby this week (rosa)! she is so cute and so strong for everything she has been through. It cost a lot in parking to go see her especially because we went to the wrong hospital to start out with but its worth it. She means so much to her Mom and we were honored that she wanted us to be included in that part of her life.
The language barriers are getting really hard here. We have a couple of investigators who we want to progress but they dont understand what we are saying all the time, they just know that we have good stuff to say. With God we will get through it but it will take time. We did an FHE with this family. It was wonderful it gave us trust with the kids and allowed the mom to have a moment of real peace not just alone time with her kids. We also went and taught soemone who we found by a member moving and her moving in. She is very receptive to the gospel and it will be interesting to see where she ends up. Appointments have been falling through so we are trying to figure out what is making the difference because we want to be doing the Lords work and apparently we are doing something wrong. I guess we will figure it out eventually.
This hispanic family fed us this week... THE FOOD PORTION SIZES WERE HUGE!!!!!! but don't worry I can pack some food down ;).
OK so this weekend was stake conference and Elder Foster came down. He is amazing. He is from Rigby none the less and guess what, Grandpa Harrison taught him in high school. He said hi to grandpa and they were all excited because I reminded them of home. We then had a wonderful zone training with them and wow talk about feeling the fire of missionary work after that. We are going to have to kick it up if we want to accomplish everything we thought of, good thing im good at taking care of my body. We did a music number too at the zone conference, it was great! Speaking of which Sister Rush teaches lessons in her sleep. She got mad at me for not staying awake during the lesson and I was almost in tears until I realized that whelp, it was two in the morning and I have every right to sleep. She got sister Hutchinson this week too... There is no sleep for the working according to sister Rush.  Oh Elder Montoya, one of my zone leaders is from Virginia but he went to BYUI the same time I did... Weird connection, and I met an elder up here from Idaho Falls! It is funny the connections I find up here, oh plus I met Elder Barfuss! (mom's second cousin's boy) we didnt get to talk long but we met and we have plans to talk more next time so hopefully, he is SUPER nice! All the elders here are wonderful! I should write more next week when i have my notes but those were the highlights of my week! I love you all and hope you all the best, you are in my prayers and in my heart!!!!!!
Love Sister Harrison

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