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Monday, April 1, 2013

week #2 not as much a roller coaster

Okay so this week has been not nearly as much as a roller coaster as last week but it has been fun. My companion and I have had many companionship inventorys due to our differences and at first I thought that meant we were a bad match and we were behind all the other companionships and then I realized that us being able to talk bout things that needed changed allowed us to get past them and use the atonment in our lives to make our companionship stronger, also she is really good about being exactly obedient so together we are staying on task. She is a great person! The classes and devotionals have all been fabulous as per excpected but I really enjoyed Sheri Dews sunday night MTC devotional last night.... mom if i remember right you like her so i hope you like what she said.... She made a pretty clear point that the savior wasnt our last chance he was our ONLY chance and that was just so awesome to hear, especially on Easter when Christ was ressurrected. My testimony as just grown so much here and being able to read the scriptures and analyse every single verse is just an experience I hope I continue when i come home. My favorite chapter to study has been alma 18... I would suggest reading it with missionary work in mind. We do a lot of practice lessons in the MTC some our with our teachers called progressive investigators (they are real people they taught on their missions, ) and the other ones are called TRC which are staff members and volunteers that come from the outside world to help us practice our teaching skills. Barbara was one of our TRC people and she was so awesome! I just love her!!!! and i was able to make a connection with her and help her understand that I knew how she felt but I also knew that God loved her so much. The spirit was so strong I felt it jumping out of my heart and my hands were shaking so much. It was incredible. All of our other lessons have been great learning opprotunities and its really easy to see how loving someone helps. Jason we got to commit to baptism which was an accomplishment for us an gave us a sense of hope for the future. Our teachers are AMAZING!!!! I love them so much and am sad they cant come with us to canada. Brother Smith is my favorite, he is studying engineering and is a very dominant personality so he is able to relate to the feelings that im having and the struggles i am going through. He is so great! I am so glad God put him in my life to help me through this MTC experience. Brother Jacob is our other teacher and he has such a soft amazing spirit that just emminates the love of God to everyone he is so great!!!! I cannot explain in words the experiences our teachers have allowed us to have it is so awesome.

The dorms arent as small as i thought they were but i still kind of feel like a beehive of monks haha which is a weird comparison but SOOO true. Sisters are getting really good at harmonizing in the bathroom and make it fun to listen while we get ready for bed. Im sad to be leaving the MTC so soon i want to stay here a little bit longer but i dont think i will ever be fully ready for the field i just need to jump into it.
have fun in arizona! mom im gonna work on my calling card but no one has been able to figure it out but dont worry when there is a will there is a way.... we leave for the airport around five in the morning so i will probably call between 630 and 730 sorry thats the best i can give you.... I LOVE YOU ALL!!! i enjoy your emails and kade now im thinking in whale haha. ... dad thanks for the letters of advice, look out for a letter coming your way of something i realized in the temple, and jace WAY TO GO YOU STUD! you are going to be a great thrower i can already see it. LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!! May god be with you and you are all in my prayers!!!!!
LOVE Sister Harrison

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