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Monday, April 1, 2013

week #1 The MTC is close to heaven

Dear Familia! this week has been absolutely amazing. We have so many great experiences here and i TRULY believe that the MTC is another close place to heaven. My district is amazing we have six elders and four sisters and we are all going to winnipeg canada!!!!! The sisters are sister strobel and sister bronson (the two sisters I added on facebook before i left) and sister hutchinson which we love so much. Sister Strobel is my companion and she is so patient with me as i try to get some walls personally here at the MTC. Her spirit is so soft and loving she makes being away from home a little easier. The first day felt kind of like being part of a herd of cattle being hurried from one place to another with hardly no breaks. Me and kaylynn were split pretty early on but she lives down stairs from me and her classroom is just around the corner from mine so I see her all the time. I love her and seeing her is a tender mercy from God every day. Kaylynns pday is thursday by the way so you probably wont hear from her until then. There is hardly enough time for journaling at night let alone being able to write each of you like i would like to. Jace this is like a boarding school with all you can eat food and im sure as an elder you will appreciate the food but for me its just MEH. I'm liking more the caffine free diet coke on tap. I always seem to forget my lactase too because they dont want us really carrying our bags around. KIND OF SILLY I THINK but exact obedience. WHICH IM DOING!!!! I wake up on time if not early every morning get ontime to everything and do everything asked of me. .. im doing it mom. Oh but about the pills they have a dietary needs line which is even grosser then the regular food but it helps my stomach so i do that when i dont remember my pill so i have had  pizza with absolutely no cheese. Im starting to appreciate my pills more. Our room is filled with six sisters... us in our district and two sisters going to san jose. Everyone here is so nice and loving. Teaching has been absolutely the hardest thing i have ever done. There are times where i feel so inadequate and then i remember that on the back of my badge that i wear every day is a small golden star to help me when im down. BOYS READ PREACH MY GOSPEL!!!! it will help you so much on your mission to have not only already read it but learned what was in the lessons.
My teachers are so powerful and so wonderful they are helping us get closer to christ which is completely needed.
OH mom they had me get a shot and then told me i have three more to get in the field. Im not upset at the MTC im upset at the dr because they gave us false information which i dont appreciate. SO my shots cost 76 dollars which i payed for but i will send home an insurance sheet today. If you cant get insurance to pay for it thats fine. God will bless me for exact obedience even though its not convinent. Our district is 'we are, we CAN-WIN' get it winnipeg and canada can-win we thought we were pretty clever. Gym time is fun. We play lightning as a district and jace (and everyone else) I BEAT THOSE ELDERS!!!!! I won like all but three of the games and one of the elders played in highschool and i prettymuch gained respect as the cool sister when i could reach their level. Oh and im starting to feel a little better i just really cant get over this cough.
 OKay down to the spiritual stuff of my week. My teachers are bro smith and bro jacobs. I like them a lot they have so much insight that i need. But i think what has touched me the most was the day i felt like i couldnt actually do a mission that i had no idea why i was here. That whole day was focused around me it felt like and the thing that stuck out the most was 'how do we expect it to be easy, when it wasnt easy for him?' Its talking about all that christ had to go through. We cannot comprehend what he gave for us but we can utilize it to help us feel whole, strong, courageous, loving, patient, and clean. I have gained such a love for my savior since being here and i know that he will always be part of my life. I love being on a mission and already it is the hardest thing i have ever done but everyone keeps telling me i can do it, that they are jealous, or that it only gets better and its worth it. Im starting to believe them and that increases my spirit in classroom time, personal study, and the time i spend learning with my companion. I love you guys so much and i will try to write more in a written letter (emailing time is so short) But remember i love you, the lord loves you, and without your prayers and your love i wouldnt be able to find the courage to get out of bed every morning. You are my strength, my testimony, my rock and im so grateful for the things you guys have taught me. I LOVE YOU and i cannot wait to be able to let you read my journal so you can understand so much more but until that time may God be with you until we meet again!

LLLOOOOVEEEE sister harrison!!!!!!! (jessalyn)

oh ps. mom we can call at the airport at like six in the morning the day we leave so dear elder me what you think about that. and keep the dear elders coming they deliever them every day and I LOVE THEM!!!! Also dad. thank you for being so strong! Jace and kade you are my light and my elders help me remember the love you have for your sister. and will you forward this to summer i dont have her email and i havent heard from her. oh and dont forget the blog if you feel so inclined. Thank you for everything!

Kaylynn im forwarding this to you too... i love you!!!!! see you soon sweetie!

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  1. Hi Jessalyn,

    Sounds like you are doing and learning so much! It's a good thing you had to get some shots -- there are so many crazy, tropical illnesses here in Canada ;). WHere are you serving right now? (I think I heard you were out of the MTC). Hope you get some pizza with cheese soon!!


    Amy (Woolf)