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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Week #4 " I've never seen girl missionaries before"

Ok.... so Ive tried every week to attach pictures and have failed miserably, hopefully one of these days I will figure it out and be able to send you lots of pictures. And mom my memory is bad too I use my planner and make notes on each pday of stuff to send home to you guys. Ok so everythings not in order because I dont remember what happened on what day but it all happened I promise. We got to meet a lot of members of the two wards we are covering. Everyone is so excited that we are here because they haven't seen sister missionaries in like 15 years. So everyone is giving us lists of people to go see and offering to go on splits with us to help us cover more ground and we are getting lots and lots of hugs. My favorite is we went to this one family and this girl ran up to the door and ran off screaming at the top of her lungs the missionaries are here the missionaries are here... she absolutely loves us and its so cute! Then when we were talking she seriously looks into my eyes and says, "ive never seen girl missionaries before" its like we are disney princesses in her eyes and we are the most amazing thing she has seen. It was so sweet! We also had six straight hours of church with no lunch... welcome to sundays. Because we cover wards we go to one right after another and eat a granola bar in between to keep us going until dinner... hopefully that keeps working but it'll make fast sundays really easy. Sunday night we had a meal appointment and the people were super funny! They made a 'greenie' meal. At first I didnt know what was happening when i walked in the chicken looked green and i started of thinking of ways i could politely turn it down so i wouldnt DIE and then i realized that the mashed potatoes were green too! they are so nice they make green meals for every new missionary that comes into their areas. It was one of the nicest gestures.
So we have a senior couple living in our building for this past week, they are leaving tomorrow which is really sad because its like having a part of home (grandparents) that come in and check on us every night.  Ive been able to do splits with them most of the week and of course they reported back to the mission president that i was excellent and now im in fear that i will be cut short of my training to train new missionaries because we are getting so many new sisters. I need all the help i can get so cutting my training would be AWFUL!!!!  We are trying to become missionaries the lord can trust and that has been a little difficult. We keep messing up and learning new things   Im also pretty sure ive screwed up multiple times this week due to my lack of focus. and a couple of times I have questioned my being out here but the lord always kindly reminds me this is where I need to be even tho its been a more difficult week then normal... Im being exactly obedient and im trying hard to stay in missionary mode but there was one day where jessalyn snuck in a little too much and i wasnt given all the information and i think I kind of offended someone. Not so good at all. but luckily the lord helped me fix it the best i can and now she is willing to at least talk to me and she came to church on sunday so maybe things will get better. 
 Sister hutchinson is AMAZING! I love her and im pretty sure we are going to be friends forever! She is so funny, ditsy, and sarcastic and together we can sometimes act like three year olds (when its the apporopriate time to do so) and our 'mom' sister rush (thats what they call trainers here) pretty much shakes her head at us and wonders how we can ever be serious haha its wonderful! But her and sister rush have gone out on their own while I was with the Jacks. One of their appointments totally got snatched up by two female jehovah witnesses... haha sister Rush just sayed "those j-dubs just stole our appointment" soooo funny! I was able to go into this home where this older lady lived with her husband... it was such a humbling experience to hear her pray at the end it almost made me cry. She is so beautiful and i think she wants to be fully committed and because her husband isnt a member she has no support at home. I just hope she finishes strong.
Sister Hutchinson is so ditsy... her name is Taegan and i love her. She one day was walking and we were trudging through this snow pile to save time and she started running because for some strange reason she was wearing flats. She tripped while running and instead of her feet hitting the ground again it was her face. IT was SOOOOO funny! she totally did a superman into the snow and sat there for like two minutes just wallowing in her shame. Then she was able to get up and laugh about it. Seriously she is wonderful . Together us three are the 'secret weapons' and once everyone else figures that out we can use our super powers (such as sister Hutchinsons super man) we will CONQUER the world! or at least the two areas we are covering.
 I also met this woman at church she is new to the area because her daughter is recovering in the hospital from heart surgery. She is an amazing woman and I LOVE HER! Her daughter is three months old and she is currently away from her other kids to take care of her healing daughter. I asked if we could stop by frequently to make sure she is okay and she said she would love that then she came up after church gave me a big hug and said thanks i really needed a friend and so im glad you were here.... mom I was wondering if you could ask sister Summers if there was anything i could tell this sister to make her feel a little better since i have no life experiences of my own to fall back on.
Over all even tho there were a couple really negative things  I LOVE it.. it has been a great week full of personal growth and refinement followed by a great use of the atonement. Im excited to look for your letters.... hopefully i get them soon I dont know when the next time we see president is but we will find out soon enough. I love you all and you are constantly in my prayers and my heart! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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