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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Mar 10...transfers

Okay so this week was full of changes but it is going to be such an exciting transfer! Me and Sister McPhee are so excited for everything!!!!! but we are going to start with a excerpt from lovely Sister T Hutchinson!
What is up? So this is the best and the weirdest thing ever. I am back within range of the excellent J Harrison, and that makes my life so so good. Transfers were this week. Sister H got a new companion, one of our trainers old companions SIster Mcphee. She is the absolute BEST!! I also left the states where I was doing time and finally got to be heeeere! SOccer night was a success, Sunday was hectic for all parties involved, and P-day is the best day. :) Ok. Back to Sister H...
 This week was transfer week and it was crazy but im so happy to be in this area around the people i love so so much...
Because everyone was leaving we had a lot of goodbyes to say which are hard if you are the one staying... then i got put with a temporary comp Sister Smith... who is fabulous... and we had so much fun... a member made us a cake because we were sad and we thought it would just be a normal cake but no... it was an intense cake with the best filling ever... so nice... then we finally got our companions... sister mcphee is fabulous.... we are relatives.. and i already love her to death... its going to be such a great transfer... sorry we will look for stories as the week goes on... im awful at writing but know that i love you!

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