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Monday, March 24, 2014

Mar 24...the first exchange

So sorry but this week is going to be shorter than last week....
so we have been doing a lot of online proselyting which is fun! If you ever see a post or something that you like please share it, comment on it, and help me be able to do this right so we can use this time most effectively... Its weird to see things from everyones page but I know that this is going to make a HUGE difference!
Then we went to Prince Albert that was super fun!!!! We went up there for exchanges and on our way we saw a bear... just chillin on the side of the road... yep it was weird.... then we did some touristy stuff which probably isn't the best but it was super fun! then i spent a day with sister Du Plessis... she is from africa... but she's white... and came from Germany.... we got lost a lot but it was super fun and at their service opportunity they have something called the diabetes treasure chest... free candy and gatorade for missionaries.... LOVE IT!
But i think our miracle this week was S*** and her family.... they were a media referral and we are now teaching their family.... their little boy  said he wanted to get in time out all the time so he can read the book of mormon so cute! 
On saturday our primary did primary olympics which was fabulous... such a good idea... got some good ideas for fhe in the future... LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

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