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Monday, April 7, 2014

Mar 31...birthday week lasted forever

With both me and sister mcphee having birthdays this week it was like a never ending cake party for us..... I probably gained five pounds this week alone... one of them being a pound of meat... ya i have a lot to tell you about this week....
and even more pictures to send... so bare with the lots of emails and attachments its worth it.... 
On monday i got to teach the plan of salvation.... it was a blessing to be able to teach that after i heard about Corette passing away... such a testimony builder where God helped me realize that i know the plan of salvation is true and i will see her again one day! Such a blessing.
Then we got tricked into playing volleyball instead of teaching a lesson and we played basketball after that was fun and I LOVE the non members who are coming to basketball night... favorite night of the week!
Sister McPhee's birthday was on wednesday... I swear you are spoiled as a missionary on your birthday...,. the elders got sister mcphee the second best birthday card ever... (only because my card is the best, might be bias there but thats okay) also... got the BEST deal on sinus pills, picture this... a 22 dollar pill bottle for 5 dollars, yep that happened and it was one of our birthday miracles. We got to end the night with a lesson with the Eastons, they are the family we found the other day and it was so good.. they didnt want us to leave they kept just asking questions and wanting to read more and pray..... they are so good!!!!
Then my big old 22 birthday happened... yep im old we get over it... but it was one of the best days EVER!!!! We street contacted a guy who told us there were aliens here on the earth... they are apparently four feet tall and they look awkwardly out of the bus windows....i think they are actually called people who are good at avoiding.. but aliens work too. Then we got to go do service at the friendship inn.... Jay and sheila stopped by to wish me happy birthday and tried to steal me away, which didnt work, but it was good to see them. Then i got in the middle of a fight at the friendship inn and got food on me... thank you random person for making that lady throw her tray at you.... After words the elders decided to take us out to pound burgers for our birthday... did i pound a pound burger because i was mad an elder told me i couldnt do it... yes yes i did.... did i regret it afterwards... a little bit.... but luckily we have angels among us and a member who was in the restaurant gave us 120 dollars for lunch.. she called it paying it forward for what members did for her son and it was another birthday miracle. Then we stopped by ricah one of the recent converts here in saksatoon and she made me a cake... with my face on it.... yep thats right im famous.... and that was a birthday miracle because the cooks didnt have money to buy me a cake and they wanted me over for my birthday so we used that one... and i ended up getting my face in my face... cleo shoved my cake into my face and then we had a GIANT cake war..... SOOOOO MUCH FUN! food fights are the best! 
On friday i got to look at all the facebook birthday wishes and realized what a privilage it was to have facebook... i really hope i can learn how to utilize this the way God wants me to.... but back track a little... while reading a talk i found a quote that i love... "Our everyday decisions will impact our live in significant ways. A seemingly small decision can have far reaching, even eternal, consequences." Elder Kevin S. Hamilton LOVED IT!!!!! Then we met Jessica... she is our new investigator and she is just looking to find what God wants her to do... so much fun. 
On saturday we found out we lived in a war zone... there was a car accident in the middle of the night which was scary and then i missed trying to throw a candy bar to the elders through the window.... talk about some dangerous stuff... screeching and flying chocolate are never a good mix. but it all worked out becaues I LOVED WOMENS CONFERENCE!!!!!!! so good... and mom... i sent you a smile (elder eryings talk) all the way from saskatoon... and just so you all know we might not be able to spend octobers womens conference together... not sure if that is real but i get home the day before general conference.... so ya haha... 
On sunday we got to start teaching jays oldest son jacob... he doesnt live with them but he came to church which is so so good... I seriously love the cook family...
that was my week.... pictures might say more but even if they dont i hope you enjoy... 


  1. Love you! So glad you had a happy birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday precious friend. What joy you share so easily and with such fun.