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Monday, April 21, 2014

Apr 21...crazy is best

So this week was CRAZY but it was seriously the best... 
We started doing online lessons with an investigator that we had lost touch with. She is so prepared its ridiculous but we LOVE having the chance to teach her because we wouldnt be able to without facebook... the down fall is its hard to get them to church, if they cant even really come in for lessons church is hard and being able to figure out where they are progressing to is not as easy to measure over typed words. Then we had family home evening... The missionaries were in charge of it and we thought of things we would want to do for fhe.... so the elders choose movie night, me and sister mcphee were in charge of inviting everyone and popcorn and we got special permission to watch Frozen... We even had a less active show up (she is starting to come back and it makes me so happy) but then everyone ended up going to dinner.... Our less active still really wanted to watch Frozen so we called and got special permission to stay and watch it with her even though everyone else decided not to come to FHE this week. It was a really fun experience and it really helped us bond with her, funny how god helps everything work out. :)
We had lunch with Jenna Smith... she is seriously SO GREAT!!!! She is the first member i really connected with out here and I LOVE HER! It was so great! She fed us the best chicken dish... she cooks it with coconut oil... SOOO GOOD! Her cooking reminds me of your cooking mom (don't worry yours is better) Then we saw a recent convert/ less active that we havent seen in forever... She is having trouble with the whole trinity thing... which if you study too much makes sense but it really all boils down to one thing. I am glad that i know that Joseph Smith went and prayed and saw god the father standing beside his son jesus christ. that christs church has been restored to the earth! 
We met with the Easton family again! They are so much fun to teach. We taught about love... thanks to President Monson and his INCREDIBLE general conference talk. It was fun... we used the parable of the good samaritan to teach the importance of loving people. Its fun to see little kids learn new things. 
Well... it didnt turn out like we thought it would at all... But we were able to go to the Johnsons for dinner.... I AM GOING TO MISS THEM SO MUCH! I still cant believe that they are going to be leaving. They are such a huge part of here they are really going to be missed. I am going to miss them. 
Then the weekend happened. It was such an incredible weekend. The entire mission was able to meet up in Regina to hear Elder D. Todd Christofferson talk, we like had a Q&A with him and it was such an incredible experience... i thought general conference gave me enough answers to get me through the rest of my mission but I learned so much from Elder Christofferson... it was a once in a life time experience and i'm extremely grateful to be able to be a part of it... AHHH I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!
Love you all... cant wait for mothers day

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