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Monday, April 7, 2014

Apr 7...general conference week

So I decided to tell you about my week by coupling experiences with some of my favorite quotes from general conference. We will see how this goes haha!

"His ministry consisted of blessing people one by one" -Carlos H. Amado
So this weekend we got to watch conference with Jay and Sheila.... then we went to lunch.... Sister Johnson was being sweet when she commented on a picture of us saying that we had met in the pre-existence i could do nothing but agree! If anything i came on my mission to find Sheila and her family and I LOVE THEM LIKE CRAZY!!!! they are so amazing!

"He accepted these calls because of his faith" -Henry B. Erying\
I want you to know that I have LOVED my mission!!!! and even though i had accepted the lords call for a mission because of faith i have gained way more faith then i have put into it.... I think the lord kind of works that way... he gives us more when we righteously put in all we have. HE IS SO GOOD!!!!

"They simply loved me and loved heavenly father. Sincerley love, so they can develop confidence in God's love." -Richard G. Scott
I was just telling my mission president how much I LOVE saskatoon! This is his response  "There is real wisdom in leaving missionaries in an area long enough for them to start loving the people and the area. I know you love the people you serve and you will make life long friends in each area you serve. "I wonder if that is a hint that i have loved this area too much and now its time to move on or if i get to stay and love it a little bit more... guess we will find out on wednesday!

"Endings are not our destiny... in his plan there are no true endings only everlasting beginnings." -Dieter F. Uchtdorf
We have had a lot of ward members tell us they are moving and a lot of investigators disappearing... it feels like endings are happening left and right but you know what?! its all good! because the people you love will stick around... and the people who you love in the gospel, who stay true to their covenants will never leave. ITS AMAZING!!!!! plus it really helped me deal with losing Corette... that was very hard for me and Uchtdorf brought me some peace. 

"Your four minutes have already begun, the time is ticking.... this is your moment to perform, his is you four minutes, the timing is now." -Gary E. Stevenson
Its been a year... like officially got into the mission the friday before general conference a year ago.... and man do i feel like the race is going... im in that part right now where you either curl up and die or your run until you can puke at the end.... my goal is the puking thing. my race has started.... and im running... and I LOVE IT!!!!!

okay last one

"Knowledge and intelligence are gained through diligence and obedience." - Boyd K Packer
A lot of people think that its the studies in the mornings that get the missionaries through the day.... for me its going out and doing things.... I am the student as much as I am the teacher and I LOVE LEARNING each and every day! being a missionary is so fabulous and I cannot wait to see what the lord has prepared to teach me this next week....

I love you all so so much! You are my rocks, you are my friends, and you are stuck with me FOREVER!!!!

So here are some explanations with the pictures... 
... Teletubbies came back to HAUNT ME... the food bank is a great place to have your age sneak up on you and realize how weird the tv shows were that you watched as a kid haha
..... so a recent convert, R***, gives us free dairy queen weekly... we had an appointment and we didnt want our shakes to melt so we decided to borrow someones snow bank... i dont think they minded.... 
..... decided i needed a sign like this... that way people always knew where i was... jk... but i do love the sign haha....

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