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Monday, April 14, 2014

Apr 14...#footofsnow #melfort #mylittletirefriend

Okay so I like talking to you about things that happen each day so i am going to try that again... if you dont like it let me know.. i can change the layout a little haha 

MONDAY: ah pdays seem to not last as long as i would hope... if i could write a poem for pday it would be 
emails are read
skirts make us blue
the day does not last long enough
but pday we love you.....
yep that's how i feel about pdays... its a love hate relationship. 
Then we went to go teach the Cooks and it was NOT their day.. They were just talking and talking, not listening and making it extremely difficult to invite the spirit... so we told them we were going to say a closing prayer after being there for fifteen minutes and got up and left. It was hard to do but they need to know that our time is important and we have other stuff we could be doing. 
Then we were in charge of FHE.... which was good we shared the mormon message 'sharing your beliefs' then talked about the online work they could do... being an online missionary really make its easier for us to be able to help members with their online work.
TUESDAY: we got to sub seminary... WORST MORNING EXPERIENCE EVER!!!!!!! 5:15 wake up alarm+ mornings in general for sister Harrison= one very grumpy morning sister... but we made it through and seminary was super fun to teach haha, even that early in the morning,... but it made me EXTREMELY grateful for my in school seminary. Then we got kidnapped into this ladies house where she spent an hour telling us what we believed was wrong and only let us tell her the first vision.... it was interesting... its always weird when other people try to convert us but i don't think her church will ever get me.. they always make their girls wear skirts..... NO THANK YOU!!!!!! Then we spent dinner at the Johnsons... I LOVE THEM SOO MUCH... its so weird when people you come to love and know leave the area before you do... them moving is not my favorite thing in the world but I will always love them and there is no such thing as goodbyes... EVER!!!!!
so on wednesday we had a flat tire.... luckily the elders helped us change it to a donut then we took our tire in and low and behold there was a NAIL in our tire... just chillin... wanting to be our friend... little did it know that WE DO NOT WANT TO BE ITS FRIEND!!!!! it made doing missionary work extremely difficult, but i learned i can change a tire in a skirt... adding that to my list of weird things i can do in a skirt because we ended up being stubborn and not asking for help to put the tire back on, BUT WE DID IT!!!! yay.... Then i don't know if you saw on facebook or not but i found out on wednesday how our woolf family name came to be according to i started really looking into stories because this one kid from utah added me on facebook asking me questions about a common ancestor we have that i updated information on.... weird... but it brought a neat opportunity to share about family history work online! 
THURSDAY: we did exchanges with the Wildwood sisters which means i got to spend the day with sister Hutchinson... unfortunately the day was full of unexpected surprises so we had to be on our toes... Wildwood sisters are walking right now because their car got totalled but its okay because we got the ride on the bus.... then we went on the wrong bus which extended our travel by almost TWO HOURS it was a little ridiculous we figured out we could have WALKED faster.... so we did.. for part of our travel... we walked twenty minutes to a remote suburb to stop by an investigator... who was home, but didn't answer... at that point i had to  pee sooooooo bad that we had to run and see if a member across the street was home so we could use their washroom, they took so long to open the door i almost went and asked the construction guys if the house they were working on had a finished bathroom but they opened the door and i was saved from a lot of embarrassment... thank you! and then we got transfer calls... I get to stay in saskatoon for six more weeks!!!! It makes me so happy, i love this area SOOO MUCH!!!!
FRIDAY AND SATURDAY: i'm combining them because it was kind of a one activity deal... we got the opportunity to drive for two hours to a remote city called Melfort to help with a food drive... there were forty missionaries who came and the city itself only has 5000 people so forty missionaries can seem a little overwhelming but they used us and got us out knocking on doors looking for donations for their foodbank.... unfortunately (even though i loved it) mother nature didn't get the memo so we got to do this in a foot of snow which NONE of us were prepared for... so our day also included a small snowball fight and some snow angels... it was so much fun! and we got to billet (or stay with) a bunch of non members in the community... IT WAS SOOO MUCH FUN!!!! The family we stayed with was the best... they made us cookies we talked forever and they told us to come back if we were ever in melfort... plus it was such a good way to help the community know more about missionaries without tracting. so neat! even with a horrible storm that came as we were driving home we made it home safe and sound to have a little bit of time before we all go to regina this weekend.... (Elder Christofferson is coming)
SUNDAY: i think the only sruprise to Sunday was a less active we have been working with that wasn't progressing not only came to church but went up and bore her testimony and told everyone she was back... not sure what happened but it makes me happy!!
I love you all SOOOO much! Mothers day is just around the corner. 

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