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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Apr ten!

So this week I am gonna tell you the top ten things that made up my week! It was a great week!!!!
1. We had a dinner appointment with a member who made us tofu curry which was the best and then her room-mate read our fortune based off of spirit animals and cards... apparently right now I am being lead by a dove to show serenity and needing to slow down... which made sense because I got sick this week... again... SHOCKER!!!! i swear i have not seen so much sickness as i have on my mission... its gross. 
2. Monday through Thursday we didn't have a car... so we walked... a lot.. The car had to be taken in from my car accident in November and we got the experience of knowing what its like to be in a walking area.... I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR MY CAR!!!!!! But with scabs on our heels and water in our shoes we made it through every hope this lovely Canada weather sent us through! WE DID IT!!!!!
3. So we have started teaching a LOT of the Cook family... which means we get to go over there a lot, which i LOVE! we are teaching three cousins, two nieces, and any random person who decides to walk through that door...its been a great way to find people and it gives me and excuse to see my favorite family!!!! and they are coming to church (one by one and slowly but we will convert the whole cook clan) It was Tori's birthday... so we got to go over there and celebrate that with her... saw five of our investigators by doing that and just enjoyed being able to celebrate and be part of their family.
4. Had to say good bye to the Johnsons... hardest thing ever! I LOVE them!!!!!!!!!! We had a big last dinner at their place, they said goodbye talks on sunday, and there are lots of tears and hugs and its hard but me and Mary Jane are determined that there are no such thing as goodbyes only everlasting friendships... and i believe her... she will be at my homecoming and shes not going anywhere! 
5. So service this week was fun! I love working at the foodbank... going through bags of clothes we are bound to find some gems... and we did... :) I think my favorite is going through baby clothes... HUNDREDs of JUMPERS that looked EXACTLY the same... but its okay they came in two colors... one hundred yellow ones and one hundred blue ones. Then we got to clean the freezers at the friendship inn.... how ANYTHING grows in -12 i will never know but we did it, we spent an hour, in the freezer, not dressed properly, cleaning off shelves full of frozen food, mainly meat.... made me appreciate the 1 degree weather that was outside a little more. 
6. So Thursday night i got pretty sick again to the point where i was taken home and put in bed.. i always seem to do that kicking and screaming. So when i woke up the next day to start off my day i got some good stern talking tos... by my companion, zone leaders, and district leader... i think they were ganging up on me. But my favorite argument was "Sister Harrison, your body is a temple, and even temples have days off." So i made a deal with the numbers trying to please them. I would get a blessing, take pills, and take a nap and they would let me go out that night... DEAL ACCEPTED!
7. The Eastons! They are the family we are working with and they are the best! This week we taught them the restoration and it went really good! At the end we asked if there were any questions and ryan (he is seven) was like ya... when are we going to come to church? Such a good question... so we set up rides for them to be able to come join us this week (got sick, couldn't come) and already have rides for next week. So excited to see them at church. 
8. We had a choir performance this weekend... it was all about Jospeh Smith and had some of the most beautiful pieces in it... (Kaylynn i snatched you the music so you could try it for me) But it was fun... We had Jerri Lynn come (she is not a member and actually helped give us a ride this week so we could go get our car, we work at the foodbank with her and she is the best) and we had two less actives come too... it wasn't as well attended as we had hoped but the spirit definetely was there and touched the people who did come!
9. So finding rides to church is one of the hardest struggles we face as a mission.... but this week me and sister mcphee were able to find rides for 20 people... all recent converts, less actives, and non members... unfortunately only six came but now we know that those other 14 have NO excuses for not joining us because we have the member power willing to step up to the plate. 
10. SPRING CLEANING!!!! this morning was spring cleaning so we get to start off our week with a spotless apartment... it feels nice! love it!!!!!!!

Love you all!!!!!! Mothers day is right around the corner!

The toque i found at the foodbank... i look good in a mohawk eh? 
me and sister mcphee in the snow... picture might look a little familiar....
and it snowed today while we spring cleaned... apparently mother nature didn't get the memo that canada was suppose to have changed seasons too... OH WELL :)

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