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Thursday, May 8, 2014

May book

So... I have been changing my journal methods to try to make sure something gets written down sooooo i copied sister mcphees smile book thing... she got it from sister day... all in all i write down short things i want to remember and it has helped a lot so i thought i would share some of my favorites with you!!!!

:( had to say my final goodbye to the Johnsons.... we were putting off goodbyes for so long... and then we finally couldn't avoid it any longer... but i will see them again.. at my homecoming!!!! and maybe stake conference. 

:/ We had a district meeting in the middle of the day... it was weird... everyone was way too distracted... :) but we attacked our elders with silly string so that made it all better!!!!

:) We had a lesson with a family that involves a can, some scriptures, and your finger... remind me to show you when i get home! 

:) Louise fed us lunch it was really good :( but then i had to say another goodbye.... so many goodbyes this week.. its weird they aren't suppose to leave the area before me. 

:) We had a nail party with a less active we are working with... i finally feel like a girl again with my painted nails... and we got to watch legacy which is like the closest thing to a chick flick we can do as missionaries. 

:) Sister McPhee's one year mark..... SHE IS GETTING OLD... :)

:) MLC was this week and we learned a lot about loving our stewardship. I love Sister Thomas' portion on the importance of having hope... she talked about if a coach put you in the game and you didn't have a chance to win you would still try your hardest. well we are on the winning team... we already know we have won so we need to work our hardest so we can have the stats in this game... I LOVED IT! 

:) Dinner with our elders quorum president was so much fun this week!!! their family is so cute and it was fun to be able to spend some time in the kitchen helping his wife out... you know life with four kids can get a little crazy ;)

:) :) Got to spend more time in the kitchen helping with the RS  conference this weekend... didnt realize how good it felt to just cut food and taste things as we go and just AHHH enjoy food! 

:) our service project for the week for cleaning the community was helping a less active in the ward with her yard. We raked her yard and it was really fun... then it got even more fun as we had a bonfire after that!!!! The smell of smoke, roasting hot dogs, and teaching people the joy of roasted starbursts made for an incredibly enjoyable night... 

It was a really good week!!!! we hope things just get better and better and I AM SO EXCITED FOR MOTHERS DAY!!!! Love you!!!!

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