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Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Okay so not sure what to write about with my week.... i took a lot of pictures so hopefully those can help me out in telling you what i have been up to. :)
It may take a couple of emails but this will be fun. 
So this week we had a dinner appointment where we did a charcoal bbq. No one knew how to do it... so of course we threw on lots lighter fluid and stuck in the lighters and boom.... we almost lost elder rosequists hand.... but not really, it was just a HUGE flame and we were a little scared some hair would be singed. But everyone is okay and the burgers ended up being cooked in the oven. 

Me and sister mcphee volunteer at the foodbank and we also find the greatest treasures there... this week it was old school glasses and me and sister mcphee picked out outfits for each other.... doesnt she look just fabulous... new look for sure! I love the foodbank though ive been here so long that people notice when im not there even if my companion ends up going with another sister.... those are my friends its so much fun!

The Eastons had a birthday party this week so we stopped by and we have this thing with the easton kids about moustaches.... so latisha (12) showed us some of the glasses she picked up!!!! the pictures were priceless i especially loved how josh (7) his face wasnt big enough so it looked more like a beard. I love them! 

This sunday we went to a family in our wards house for dinner... it was super fun and they always make really good food. but the food was very messy so they always make the elders wear bibs.... this time i made sure to get a picture.... :) 

Then we went with the elders to the cooks house and taught two lessons there... one was a member present we have been teaching a non member friends of laila. And then me and elder bee taught jay while sister mcphee and elder rosequist did kid duty.... cleo got ahold of my camera during kid duty and out of the hundred of pictures sure took i think some of them are saveable.... it was a fun night... we are hopefully going over next monday for a balloon fight. 

I love you all so much! hope you have a great week!!!! and i will talk to you next week!

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