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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May 26...good bye Saskatoon

   So this week I did exchanges with Sister Tomkinson... she is one of the Meadow Green sisters. She is super great! both her parents are deaf and so her first language is sign language which we used to help us with teaching A LOT! its so much fun to watch her sign. She is so amazing and I loved being able to spend that time with her for a day! I think my favorite part of the day which she told me about expanding the puddle. Her teaching pool right now is really small and so they call it a teaching puddle its so cute but they are working so hard and it is growing so much! 
    I got sick this week again... we thought it was the flu again which would have been the third time I have had that this year but when a member was watching me they suggest I go through the fridge and look at expiration dates.... low and behold there it was, the milk that was expired! Hello food poisoning... yay!!! now after not puking for seven years before my mission hopefully I am done puking... third time is the charm and I AM DONE! 
    This week we got to spend some time gardening. I ended up finding 33 worms, me and Sister McPhee had a contest and I won. We also saw lots of other bugs.. like the dreaded mosquitos, THEY ARE BACK! I swear nothing should survive after a winter like that. But they did and we got the veggies all planted so hopefully they can start growing. It was fun to be able to get my hands dirty and spend some time soaking up some sun. ahhhh vitamin d. 
    So transfer calls came this week.... which turned my weekend into a weekend of goodbyes instead of what we were planning on doing. I have been transfered to Prince Albert Saskatchewan which is a small ward that is about an hour and a half north of here. Its funny because I have actually already been there, how you may ask?! well I would do exchanges with the Prince Albert sisters and so i have been able to work up there a couple days already! Its fun to be able to go back and spend more time there... but im a little worried about the mosquitoes on steroids that come with small cities. I have always wondered why mosquitoes don't just suck the fat away from you. I would like them more if they did that. 
   Love you all! Thank you for everything! Talk to you next week.

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