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Monday, June 2, 2014

Jun 2...we put the PA back in party.

So before I get into my week and the craziness that I call this week let me explain my subject line. The first night I got into Prince Albert our kind neighbor decided to leave his radio blaring, ALL NIGHT! So its eleven o clock, I already am having a hard time sleeping because I am in a strange area, in a strange bed that they tell me is now mine and I hear gangdum style come on... yep thats right, haven't heard that song since before I left on my mission but that was my melodious tune that I got to listen to. Then the announcer says "thats right we put the PA back in party", at this point both me and Sister Du Plessis (my new companion) are BURSTING laughing and then a dear tune comes on to remind me of home. The cotton eye joe. Yep that song that use to be played every half time at my junior high. With a smile on my face I was finally able to think about sleep. Thank goodness for the tender mercies of the Lord. 
   Well since its transfer weeks I should have expected craziness to happen but this transfer seemed to be like transfer weeks on a full moon. I was suppose to leave the area on wednesday to head back up with my new companion and start working in my new area, so i started setting up appointments to say goodbye to the people i have learned to love so much that i call them family. Then tuesday night we get a phone call from our zone leaders. "sisters we have good news and bad news which one do you want to hear first?" first off.... why would you start a conversation with sisters like that we always assume worst case scenarios. Did someone die? Do i have to leave the area earlier? Did someone get our transfer calls wrong? oh the scenarios that were running through our minds. So we choose bad news and the bad news was sister mcphee would no longer be traveling to regina to go to the temple or pick up her new companion. ???? so whats the good news? Sister harrison you get to stay in your area until friday at five o clock because your new companion sister du plessis will be driving down to regina to pick up sister bronson. BEST NEWS EVER!!!!! i get more time to see people and only have to unpack a little because it tried to make sure i was mostly packed and put away all my clothes. So I continued to say goodbyes and LOVE the extra time i had in the area. Then ten o clock on thursday night i get a text message saying sister bronson had safely arrived to regina. WAIT! She wasn't suppose to be there until friday afternoon. I called around and found out i was actually leaving at ten o clock the next morning. I went into panic mode... i still had goodbyes to say.. still had people to see and still wanted to get LOTS OF HUGS! So we made a couple more phone calls and i got permission to stay in the area as long as i wanted . Tender mercy of the Lord! So i got more than enough time to say goodbye to my saskatoon family. My goodbye with Dallas a little girl that i taught ended with her picking a baptismal date :) best goodbye ever! June 28!!!! Then the cooks, eastons, sam, adrianne,sister wanner, wilsons, ricah... all of the people and more that will have a permanent spot in my heart! and to add on to the family in saskatoon i got to see the Johnsons. They came up for stake conference so it was nice to be able to spend a little bit more time with them since they left us about a month ago now. 
   Now I am up in Prince Albert Saskatchewan and I am settling in nicely. My new companions name is Sister Du Plessis. She is FANTASTIC! She is German but she was raised in South Africa. She has been out about six months and has been in Prince Albert for three months, so we usually dont get lost. She is the oldest of three kids, she has two little brothers and her favorite color is blue. She has a great accent and she is super funny. We are going to have a fun transfer together. Prince Albert is way smaller then Saskatoon so I am already learning my way around the area. Since it was stake conference we didnt have a normal church so I havent met many of the ward members but apparently a good sixty members come out! But it was a really good welcome into PA with a baptism of someone the elders had been teaching. She is an amazing woman and I am sure i will get to know her better but the evening I was put on skype duty so missionaries who had just been transferred who had taught her could join us for that special occasion... oh the pros of technology. But it was good to spend the time getting ready for the baptism to meet my new district. My district leader is elder schollars, he actually came out with me and his companions  name is elder fratcher. Then we have elder schmidt, who is hillarious, and he is training elder neillson who is from raymond alberta. Its a weird mix of a district but i am so excited for the things we are going to learn from each other. I still miss saskatoon and I think I always will but now its time to put the PA back into party!!!!! Love you all! 

I have attached a picture of my new companion, She is driving and she is on the wrong side of the road... for her, she is driving on the right side of the road for canada but i love her to bits and pieces. then a picture of daidis... man i am going to miss that dark curly haired boy... and a picture of some of the crazy things we do as missionaries, like teach a bunch of children outside with chalk! I love being a missionary. 

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