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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Jun by day

So I think this week is a day by day letter kind of week! 
Last Monday we played Risk with the Elders. It was so fun! They told us at the beginning not to take over Europe or Asia, because apparently that's too difficult, and what did we do? I took over Asia, and Sister du Plessis took over Europe. Then we teamed up with Elder Schmidt and took over the world! We are playing again apparently the elders want a rematch... THEY WANT TO LOSE AGAIN! Then after pday we went to FHE where we played do you love your neighbor. Elder Schmidt ripped his pants, Elders and sisters were trying really hard not to sit on laps  and the ysa were just laughing their heads off. People like watching missionaries squirm. 
we taught a 12-year-old boy the Gospel of Jesus relating it to Halo. That was quite the experience, and I will probably always think of Halo when someone talks about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 
Faith: The game is possible, there is an end. 
Repentance: Respawning, you will always get a second try
Baptism: check points, like all covenants once you hit the check points you dont have to restart past that point. 
Gift of the Holy Ghost: the compass so you can see the bad stuff coming and feel peace
Endure to the End: actually playing the game and getting better at it as you go.
I hope those explanations made sense but the kid we taught really liked it, we of course went into more detail then i am over this email but we felt pretty creative. I was just impressed I remembered halo that much. 
After District Meeting we had a KD-party (KD is mac and cheese) and we made the biggest pot of KD I have ever seen. It was insane. I seriously had NEVER seen that much KD in one pot. It was five whole boxes. This week is a perogie party. Cooking at the church is cheaper then eating out and way more fun! We started volunteering at the Humane Society here. It's the SPCA, and we went over and got to play with the dogs and walk them and everything. It was a very theraputic volunteer opportunity and it was fun to see the elders play with the dogs and see Sister du Plessis get pulled by them. Then we have sports night on Tuesday so I still get my basketball in, its just a little different because the court here is tiny, but its still fun. 
We volunteer at the foodbank on wednesday which is always fun, and that means i have weekly access to the DIABETES TREASURE CHEST! Free chocolate! luckily now i am so sick of chocolate it makes me want to puke! with all the changes and stress and stuff i was eating a lot of chocolate. now i struggle looking at a chocolate bar, but for some reason oh henrys always get me. Sister du Plessis got sick and so we called it an early night and put her to bed with some pills that knocked her out... those are some funny experiences I will tell you about one day. 
THURSDAY: We also volunteer at a place called good as new. This week we painted, we decided to go with a light verses darkness theme which was horrible because we didnt have yellow or black... WHAT WERE WE THINKING! We had ward council... i think the hardest part of ward council was when someone flat out looked at the missionaries and said 'We dont need these people here' its really hard to serve in an area where people don't want you but hopefully some of these barriers will break down with time. 
Because Sister du Plessis was so sick this week, we got a text message on Friday morning telling us not to eat breakfast (they had called me the night before and told me all about it) but about an hour after the text Elder Schollars and Elder Fratcher showed up at our door and THEY MADE US BREAKFAST! Soooo kind and thoughtful. Elder Fratcher said it was all Elder Schollars, but I am positive that he had something to do with it as well. We got so much food from other people this week that we didn't even have to buy groceries. We helped a family move, A LOT, and it was hard work but we ended up finally getting it done (TODAY) they are a less active family and because we helped i think we are gonna be able to see them more! That would be so good! 
We spent this morning moving that family again. Seriously sooo much moving. then we just went and taught a lot! its always fun teaching and this area has a lot of lessons a week. 
Church happened, i finally got to meet my ward, that was nice! And we had a lot of people I met during the week show up so I already knew them which was even better but i think my favorite part was Sister du Plessis wake up calls... she carries around a stick and yells at people in german as we go wake up investigators and less actives so they can get to church. She is seriously so funny! 

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