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Monday, June 30, 2014

Jun 23...short and sweet

So this week for my email i thought i would just fill you in on what i learned at zone conference! 
It was so much fun to travel back to saskatoon I LOVE IT THERE SO MUCH! But i think more then being in saskatoon i was super happy for the lessons i learned. 
They first started talking about hastening the work. I loved a definition that i heard about hastening. To hasten is to add momentum. adding momentum is something that i really need to work on since i am nearing the end to where i can see it! it kind of freaks me out a little bit. there was also a lot on endurance. There was a quote shared from an elder not in this mission that said 'if one does not endure to the end; faith, baptism, and the holy ghost are useless.' that put into perspective for me the importance of enduring. If we lack in areas of endurance we become vulnerable to defeat and despair. As a missionary this was HUGE for me. BELIEVE OBEY AND ENDURE thats my motto!
Then sister thomas gave a great portion on  carrying burdens. If we are too worried about the burden we are carrying we cannot focus on the work ahead. I felt this way a lot lately i have been worrying about stupid things and it makes it hard to focus so we learned that relying more on the savior will help you let go of what you are dealing with. I love what you wrote mom too about praying for the strength to endure. If things burden our thoughts they burden our actions and we need christ in everything. Then sister thomas gave another portion on shoes.. the footprints our shoes leave someone may try to follow so what footprints are we leaving? this really made me think. Are my feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace? do i need to put on different shoes? I loved two of the shoes we talked about, slippers (dont slip up on your prayers) and worn out shoes (wear yourself out in the gospel) It was so good! then we got a portion on marriage. by president thomas... haha encouraging us to get married... does that help a sister out who is going home soon, NOPE! haha but he had good insights. Marry inside the church! that was the biggest one he emphasized! It was such a good zone conference. I am sorry for the short email but I am happy, healthy, and getting in the mind set that I am going home! like kaylynn says... 101 days left. its weird! love you all! 

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