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Monday, February 17, 2014

Feb 10...service and plagues

This week we got to do a lot of service... it was so much fun! We got to go to the clothing depot which we do every week but this week was really disappointing when it comes to the treasures we found... But we were able to score some shoe polish for the elders so that is always good. Then we got to go to the friendship inn which is like a soup kitchen and the guy was really grumpy that I had to stay with my companions. But we got past it. We got to help serve old people, clean up peoples trays, and make friends with those who decided to come and eat. Personally the staff was my favorite because they were all rough first nation people that were SUPER protective of us... it was fun! But I got a really good story out of the trip, its kind of fictional, kind of not. So once upon a time something sketchy happened and i found myself alone in the bathroom with an elder and another guy (remember this story is fake even though there is some truth to parts of it... ill have to tell you the real story in parenthesis)  So how i got into the bathroom was a story all in itself... so i got kidnapped at knife point by a first nation gang member (who is actually a really nice staff member at a food bank who used to be a gang member) and an elder came in to rescue me... (really we were just asked to help clean the bathrooms) As he came in to save me he got stabbed... poor fella... (when really we just got to see a scar from a stabbing) and i tried to stop the bleeding but it was hard to see with the black lights  (which is true, they use black lights so the people cant 'shoot up' because it is extremely hard to find your veins with black lights) in the end that poor elder died (when really he just got stuck backing up the car)  personally i like my version better than the real one but i will let you decide for yourself. 

Mom... its a dream come true for you! im totally getting married off!!! not for real but funny..,. We are working with some investigators who are from Iran and they speak Kurdish and well its all very complicated but the best part of this story is that they have two sons... they are 22 and 20 and their parents are determined we are going to marry their sons... We officially got adopted into the family this week and we have heard arranged marriage talk be whispered in a language we don't understand... we have even been invited to join them on a trip to Iran, they want us to go see their home country.... We were hoping with the whole tripan thing the marriage talk would decrease but every time they go off on a tangent in their own language i swear they are talking about us.... i mean really?! But we put on a smile and get our milky white creamy temptation skin out of there as soon as possible and laugh because of how much we love this family! the language barrier is getting easier the more comfortable they are getting with us.... just afraid of the cost it is coming at... (i hear the wedding bells ringing in the background i better stop talking about this)  But the family is reading the book of mormon... we just have to try to get past the whole jesus is only a prophet nothing else concept.. but we are getting there... and im learning kurdish... im going to fail, but im still learning.

So we are dealing with the plagues of the wanuskewin sisters this transfer.... 
Want to hear what they are?!
1. broken toe- sister akorn it was so funny she tripped over my boot in the hallway, why she didnt just walk around my boot i have no idea but it was the beginning factor of these plagues of doom that haunt our companionship. 
2. nausea- again sister akorn. poor girl didnt feel like she could move her stomach was turning so bad... we still dont know what caused it but we blame it on the fact that petunia (our car) is purple.... it just makes sense. 
3. immobilizing cramps- sister davis. Luckily with some major ADVIL and a heating blanket provided my a loving mother we were able to get those under control in only thirty minutes :)
4. eye infection- poor sister akorn, personally i dont think her eye looked that swollen... but she thinks it was making her eye stick out of her head... i guess one of us is just blind but i swear i put in my contacts that day. 
5. late to district meeting- well we kind of give that one to elder wiltse but it was a really interesting morning. What happened was Sheila called us and asked if we could come over earlier, our member was able to come last minute, and we knew we had to get into that house and so we kind of decided to try to fit a member present in before district meeting... i should have known that it was cutting it too close with timing but we did it anyways and after apologizing profusely to elder wiltse i think he has finally forgiven us. 
6. torn arch on the left side- yep that was me. it hurt so bad to walk, we decided to street contact (meaning one of us wanted to chase down this guy in blue) and i almost puked just trying to keep up... i got a blessing the next day and am feeling so much better. 
7. bonkin the noggin- Sister akorn (we think she is really the cursed one) she hit her head on petunia three times... i thought for sure she was just trying to get petunia back for the nausea but she swears petunia was attacking her... petunia was pretty quiet on the matter so i guess none of us will ever really know. 
  1. The fake influenza epidemic turned into brain cancer but really is just a cold- yep and that one is sister akorns too! it was actually more frustrating then funny but luckily she is starting to feel better. 

So... with sister akorn getting sick and us having to stay inside because of her sickness... exchanges with the sister training leaders (I got to see sister fellows again!!! so great) and having to be in three places at once my week was really good... I am happy and excited for the future! Love you all!

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