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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Feb 17...Valentines and Olympics

So this week was GREAT!
On Tuesday we got a lot done... at least we felt like we did.... We were able to have an appointment with J*** and S*** with the elders and that went really good... we taught about tithing and fasting and J*** pretty much wanted to give up a tenth of his coin collection because he is just so committed, we told him it was just ten percent of his increase after he is baptised. This family is just so committed. The parents passed the baptismal interview this week and the family is getting baptised on March 1.... its so close and time just goes by so fast its insane. Then we met with two less actives, one thinks she is fully okay doing what she is doing because she reads and prays and is just taking a "break" from church... that is always slightly annoying. I don't think i ever realized the importance of church until my mission and it has changed my view forever! Then we met up with the other less active who has decided to believe in the trinity.... concerns like that basically boil down to if Joseph smith was a prophet... Because if Joseph smith was a prophet then he saw Jesus Christ standing on the right hand side of God... two separate, perfect, immortal beings. I am glad that i know for myself that Joseph smith is a prophet... and I'm glad my  mission has solidified that testimony into my heart. That night we had dinner with a young couple from southern Alberta and those appointments are always fun because we talk about Waterton and other things that I know about!!!! plus the young couples in our ward have the CUTEST kids! Then we got to play basketball I LOVE BASKETBALL!!!!!
On Wednesday we got to go to bingo with old people... I think the best part was the CURLING IN THE BACKGROUND!!!!! I am really sad i am missing the Olympics because the winter Olympics are HUGE up here! i feel so torn... i have my american pride but canada is also holding a piece of my heart.... bahhhh... what to do!  Then we went to a dinner appointment with one of the ysa girls in our ward. It was fun.. Sister Ashton-Korn got eaten by a car... she was on the phone when she slipped down and fell underneath a car, she just kind of stayed there and was like HELP... HELP... and we were horrible and just sat there and laughed.. This ysa sister lives in the weirdest looking dorm i have ever seen... and while we were eating our deliciously healthy dinner of brown rice, chicken, and broccoli the fire alarm started going off... me and sister davis scarfed down our last bites, sister ashton-korn just left the chicken she had left and our member calmly put on boots and a coat and we started walking down THIRTEEN flights of stairs... needless to say, Sister Ashton-Korn did not get to finish her chicken, we had to leave before our member got let back in, and we had an adventure on our hands. 
On Thursday we went and helped out at the food bank like we always do and were privileged enough to bag dog and cat food for three hours... we smelt like dog food for the REST OF THE DAY!!!!! Then we helped clean with a member and I've decided that four people cleaning a small room is never a good idea ... so i sat on the bed and watched... i was the cheerleader and i did a dang good job at it. Then we went and taught Lelia and Tori about obedience... we played red light green light... if my mission hasn't helped me come up with creative ways to teach children while doing family home evening then I'm a liar and my mission is pointless... seriously so many creative was to keep kids attention involved in the lesson, have fun, and still learn about Jesus... I LOVE IT! Then we called the ysa aged kids for TWO HOURS to get the word out about a valentines day party that happened on saturday... did it make a difference... no but i will get to that on saturday. 
Friday we had specialized zone training meeting and it was fabulous... Six hours of sitting and listening with a forty min pizza break... totally the life of a CWM missionary. But i think my favorite part of ZTM was Sister Thomas' portion on preparedness... She used chapter 43, 49, and 50 of Alma and talked about how they NEVER stopped preparing and because of that nothing was left to chance. Then she gave us three steps to better prepare ourselves... 1. prepare thoroughly 2. prepare spiritually 3. prepare through prayer. I really just learned a lot from zone training meeting... it was fabulous... and it was great to see president too! oh and happy late valentines EVERBODY!!! love you all... 
The real valentines day celebration happened on saturday... One of my old investigators from when i served in wildwood called and i invited her to the ward party they were having and she agreed to come... then we decided i should probably go because she only knows me and so i got to go back to my old ward for the day.... it was fun... the elders dressed up in boas and took pictures, there was sugar cookie decorating, and lots of little kids that were really excited about the doughnut eating contest. Then we got to participate in a ysa valentines day party and dinner and that was fun! We wish we could get more ysa kids out but unfortunately that is easier said then done. The missionaries that were invited to attend made up half of the crowd that was there... So eleven missionaries attended... and about twelve ysa kids.... we are horrible valentines dates if you ask me... we cant even spend alone time with you.... But it was really fun!
Sunday was church and church is always fabulous....I love the sacrament so much and its my favorite thing of the week to be able to take that... We had five investigators show up to church.... The C** family came and the ward has been so great at picking them up and taking them home and then another one of our other investigators showed up.. that was fun... Then Sunday night we got to sing... right now the missionaries make up the stake choir... hopefully that changes soon because we have HORRIBLE voices. but if all else fails the spirit will bring the real music to all of their hearts... :/ ... we will need the spirit for sure...
Pdays for the rest of the transfers will include the missionary Olympics... we thought since we were going to have to miss the winter Olympics why not make our own... So each district is its own country and we compete for medals and everything... our first competition was tie tying. meadowgreen won that for sure.. but if you ask me they cheated.... Then it was chair soccer and we took gold silver and bronze in that one.... and then we did a nasty food eating contest which consisted of two baby food bottles, a can of vienna sausages, and a can of mustard flavored sardines... unfortunately i was the only one brave enough to attempt the sardines..... but i chowed those down and my other teammates did their part and we won gold there too!!!!!! So all in all the district olympic standings are...
Wanuskewin.... 2 gold, 2 silver and one bronze
Meadowgreen... 1 Gold and 1 Bronze
Wildwood... 1 Silver and 1 Bronze.... 

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