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Monday, January 6, 2014

Dec 30...Christmas on the mission

So.... Christmas seemed to spread into all week and it was so much fun.... let me tell you how we celebrate christmas in the CWM!
    On monday night we went caroling and that is always a great way to spread the christmas cheer but i think one of the best stop bys we did for this family... they weren't going to have christmas and when we heard about that we decided to take measures into our own hands. We found lots of things just hanging around the apartments (us and the elders) and put them in a box. We then found food items we knew we wouldn't eat and the ward donated a gift card for the family so they would have a christmas. We gave them the window sticky tree so they could have a tree and when we dropped off the box the lady gave each of us the biggest hug. She was so happy and personally that was the best christmas present of the whole season! 

    Then christmas eve.... The morning started off with the best district meeting EVER!!!! It was seriously a spiritual booster where we all shared our testimonies on Christ. Elder Wiltse was so powerful, Elder Mohlmans made me cry, and Sister Davis' was so unique.Then it got even better.... we went to all you can eat sushi! It was so much fun to mess around with chopsticks, laugh, and have fun together. I love our district and Elder Wiltse was such a sweetheart and payed for all of it. Then we stopped by R*** to do a christmas message. He is really opening up to us and he is getting baptized in three weeks... :)!!!!! Then we went to the Wilsons in the wildwood ward to celebrate christmas eve dinner. The whole wildwood district was there and it was fun to spend some time with them. Me and brother wilson were playing a game together and we got super competitive it reminded me of playing games with dad and the boys. but its okay I WON! Then we went to sister whitcombs and had hot cocoa and cookies... I swear she is trying to kill us with all that sugar. Then we started playing card games. It was really fun but its hard to not be allowed to go out and proselyte... 

    Then christmas day.... and i didnt sleep in, in fact i woke up at 6:15 so i could go to breakfast. At seven thirty i was filled with bacon and sausage and toast and cinnamon rolls and so much food i thought i was going to explode. It was so much fun to be with our district to open presents. Thank you for the EVERYTHING! the rubber duck ice pack was the best surprise ever. Then i got to skype my family... believe it or not i didnt cry this time! Then we watched despicable me 2... SUPER GREAT!!! cant wait to watch it again with my brothers when i get home. and dont worry i got turkey... but i think the best part of christmas was the nerf gun war. A member bought us nerf guns and turned over the couches and everything. It was so much fun! Plus dinner was finger food and i think that will be my new christmas night tradition. Being the first christmas away from my family im super glad for the angels who made my christmas memorable. 

    Then the rest of our week went like this. We walked for two hours in the snowy tundrum... BAHHHH SNOW!!!! and sister davis didnt stop with just walking in the cold, no we had to walk in a HUGE FEILD with deep snow... ya thats normal.  Then i got sick.... ya like fever and body aches and i felt like a sinner for sleeping to try to get away from it... you know your a missionary when you feel bad about being sick because you cant do the work. No beuno.... speaking of beuno we had a spanish pot luck this week and that was super fun. one of our recent converts came.. she is from china... and believe it or not she is not a huge fan of mexican food. Yep... it was a good week... From here on im going to try to tell you more about what i learned and how i feel but for now this will have to do.... LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!

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