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Monday, December 16, 2013

Dec 16...transfer trains

So a lot of this week was saying goodbyes for sister Meservy.... It is really so hard to leave an area, you really come to love the members and investigators you are working with. But unfortunately that is the life of a missionary, to come and go and slip away and hopefully make a difference somewhere down the line. I think the hardest part of goodbyes on the mission are you aren't sure when or if you will ever get to see these people again, Some people like elder Mcritchie are from edmonton and dont live that far while others are from england and washington and traveling back becomes more difficult but i swear everywhere i serve will always have a place in my heart! 
but alas, when the good byes were over we started a two and a half hour drive to head down to
Regina to spend almost three days. It was fun. It feels really weird being out of your area but it was really good to go on exchanges with sister elkins and sister haner. plus it kept me teaching and my mind off the fact that a new companion was on their way from winnipeg to be arriving and living with me for probably the next twelve weeks. So we spent wednesday night to friday night in regina and that was fun! 
On friday i met my new companion sister davis. She is incredible and is so prepared to do this work, its amazing how ready they are coming out! I am really excited for the transfer we have ahead of us. We were able to teach R***twice and that was good... he is still moving forward towards his baptism and things are going good. We were able to talk about revelation this week and i learned some things for myself which was nice. Now we are just teaching, caroling occasionally to help spread the christmas spirit, loving life, and doing gods will.... its great to be a missionary. Im really excited for christmas and zone conference and hope to tell fun stories about those! Love you all.... 


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