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Monday, December 9, 2013

Dec 9...I ain't frozen yet!

So its kind of cold outside.... like just a little.... -40 degrees outside is apparently slightly balmy for winters here and im pretty sure my knees were going to freeze. In fact we got a text message that morning saying stay inside unless you have appointments or can do stop by. So we got to stay inside, NOT! our day was full of appointments and it was really great! We found three new investigators... its really nice to know that the cold doesn't harden peoples hearts. But the rule of thumb is if its -40 you stay inside unless you have appointments and you can only go out if you have a car. So ya... but apparently cold is not an issue for the lords work, we still move forward. Church even happened because it was only in the -30s. In fact there are a bunch of people moving in this cold. Sister Meservy is being transfered to Regina and we get to make a three day trip there this week....  It should be fun... and i get to stay and just cover one ward and I am training again... Im super excited. 
     We had an early christmas with sister D*** because of sister Meservy leaving. We got sweaters... Mine is black and white stripes with a green zipper on the back... super cute! Sister D*** is a fun member missionary... she literally drags her roommates to church... i guess thats one way to do it! We also had the Wildwood christmas party... we helped set up, clean up and serve food... we are called to serve but this week we were literally serving. 

     ZTM was this week and it was really fun! Our zone leaders are incredible, elder Mohlman and elder Judkins are great! We learned about how to better work with members and love our companions my favorite was the training video called phone call.... .dad did you ever have to watch that?.... but pretty much its a video about getting the courage to call a girl out to a date... it was very applicable and very funny.... Then we went to fudd ruckers and of course the elders wanted to do pound burgers... disgusting... but i shared one instead... apparently i'm a wimp, but i could do it, i just choose not to. 

     We went and saw a less active this week and her new husband said he wanted to find two more mormon girls to marry. We were hoping he was joking and he wouldnt realize that he just had two mormon girls walk through his front door.... luckily he didnt and we got out of there fairly quickly... We also went and saw our recent convert L***....she made us the best meal, it was chicken and pineapple... thats it... super healthy and super yummy.... Then we had a vent session with M***  one of our was a fun vent session, and it really helped her a lot. We also met with one of our recent converts, L***... she reminds me of my roommate Emily, whom i miss, and she is super cute... she asks a lot of culture questions and im afraid im going to answer her wrong... you know because america and Canada are SOOO different. We also had a pizza party with the elders at a members house... I love being able to eat dairy again! SO GREAT!!!! While we were teaching R***and R***,our part member family, their son J*** totally punched me in the face. He's two and a lot stronger then he seems. Their dogs and cats were having world war 6 too so the dog unfortunately had to go. But r*** was thinking about getting baptized on janurary 14 so pray for him and that date. We also met three new investigators they were referrals from a family in Red Deer and we are now teaching three of them as investigators, they are going to be so good!

    But remember that FAMILY TIME IS SACRED TIME! and even though we arent together for Christmas I hold all of our good memories as sacred, and im excited to go and make more memories soon. LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!


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