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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Nov 18...highlights

Hello Hello!
Ready to here about my week... It was so fun!

I am only going to go over some of highlights because SOOO much happened this week!

We had some of the best recent convert less active lessons this week! They were so much fun! We really got to know people which helped us help them more... the best is when i bonded with someone over a bon jovi concert... who would have guessed that going to that concert would help me in my missionary work.. definately NOT ME! :) We taught these little kids how to pray and it was so cute! They would kneel down and fold their arms real tight and close their eyes peeking only every once in a while... it was so cute... and they even remembered it the next time we went back. It was the best!!!!! 

We also had exchanges this week and i got to spend 24 hours with Sister Hill... It was SOOOO much fun! We had a day of miracles too for sure. Miracle number 1... I got mcdonalds... Miracle number 2 we got three new investigators and one of them is getting baptized in december!.... Miracle number three me and my companion wanted to come back together... it was great! Day of Miracles!!!!!!

Someone gave me a knitted sweater... so now i have a touque, gloves, head bands, shoes and now a sweater... with some pants i would have a whole outfit... ya i would... so good.

We also had something called a cottage party where we invited investigators to a members home to play games and fellowship.. it was really fun.. i hope we do it again! 

We walked dogs... devil dogs... yep thats us.. .they were crazy!!!!! They pulled us the whole time but it was so much fun! The member we went with almost peed her pants she was laughing so hard and sister meservy fell down the hill... it was great! 

The work is true.. it continues on... and it is so great! It was a great week to be a missionary this week. Love you all!

Sister Harrison

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