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Monday, November 25, 2013

Nov 25...Happy 8 month birthday to me!

So this week I hit 8 months and guess what?! im still okay :)
In fact im even better than okay and i have loved what i am learning as a missionary. This week God decided to teach me in the art of patience again. I seem to need a lot of work on that one. good thing i have ten more months to do it :) .... 
It all started on monday when we got in a small rear bumper collision with the person behind us kindly tapping our back end... of the car that is... But there was no damage on either vehicle and everything seems fine but me and cars dont seem to want to get along out here. But its okay miracles are possible!
Oh... I also lost BOTH of my badges in the past week and it was awful... i felt like my identity was taken away but luckily I have FANTASTIC elders (elder mohlman) who make really good fake badges that will make me until the ones i ordered come in. 
The car plug got ripped off... and again the elders had to come to our rescue and fix it. So now our car wont freeze. :)
Our investigator on date for baptism, R***, was doing so good, we thought, but apparently there are some obstacles we need to tackle first. So we are pushing his date back a little. That was kind of hard but we know he will get there... HE IS SO PREPARED! 
We found an investigator that kind of went MIA. She showed up to the choir concert which was AMAZING. Miracles happen. And the concert turned out really good... good things always happen when the spirit is involved. 
Lessons have gone REALLY GOOD!!!! We always seem to find a member, investigator, or less-active to work with and help out.... I love being a missionary!!!!!
Love you all! 
The cold will not win.... I will prevail.... and as you continue to write me my heart warms. I may be far away in an arctic land and the weather may be in the negative double digits but I really appreciate everything everybody does for me... thanks so much. 

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