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Monday, November 11, 2013

Nov 11...getting ready for baptism

 So this week was crazy... being in a new area always brings new adventures and this time is no exception. 
   We had a lot to do this week as we prepared for a baptism for L***! She is so great and we were so excited for the week we had with her! We had 5 lessons with her this week to make sure she was all ready for saturday. Everything went as planned and she was baptized... it was so great! The best part was her testimony afterwards.... You can really tell that God is looking for his elite when you hear her bear her testimony. She loves him so much and is so ready to be on this path to eternal progression that she started this weekend... its so fantastic! 
   We also had a great lesson with a recent convert where me sharing a personal story really opened her up... I got some special training from the assistants the other day where i was reminded that the people i meet out here are my friends. my brothers and sisters. As I've remembered that and started opening myself up they have opened up too. Its so fantastic! its really helping us with teaching and allowing others to open up with us and really come to trust what we say. Ive really made friends by doing it too! 
   One of our relief society presidents is very thorough and we had a good hour and a half meeting with her. It was crazy the information she had for us... mom are you that matrix about all your sisters? i still think your a fabulous relief society president if you arent? how do the missionaries help you and how do you want their help?
   They have a basketball night here (don't worry i'm wearing my brace) and i love it! I think its so much fun and it really gets out our investigators members and less actives.... its a lot of fun... 
   Also.... i got to have dairy this week! those pills from costco really work! I am such a happy camper right now and im a real kid again!!!!!! best week ever! Thats my week... and it only gets better from here... :)

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