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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

week know your a missionary when...

So A LOT has happened but everything is going great! I am still in the same area, my lovely trainer has just left us and we are off to fend for ourselves. We have had our ups and downs we have seen some weird things and we have enjoyed some of the most humbling experiences. It has really been great. Our district has changed so much. Elder Stoker got transferred to Milfred near Saskatoon. He is greatly missed but we know he is doing great things up there! We will see him again that's for sure. We got two new Gateway ward elders. Elder Moore and Elder Olguin, they are both wonderful! It also means we are working directly with nine elders. One of our London ward companionships got turned into a tri-pan. So many elders, so much work to do, not enough sister power but we are trying to represent the best we can. So I wanted to do this letter a little differently by making a list. Its a You Know Your A Can-Win (Canada-Winnipeg) Missionary When list... so here it goes
You Know Your a Can-Win Missionary When:
-You get anxious if you find yourself alone for more than five seconds.
-You start skipping songs on your LDS cd's because you think they may be inappropriate or against the white handbook.
-Your slang consists of words such as "pros, apostate, dramastic, and urch"
-Mondays become your favorite day
-You spend two hours of your day walking in the rain to get to an appointment who canceled but didn't tell you.
-9:30 officially becomes your midnight
-You don't dive for the volleyball during a pday activity because you might bump into an elder.
-That 10 min nap feels like a 4 hour coma
-You forget your planner at home and all of a sudden you have no idea what's going on, like a deer in the headlights
-If you aren't wearing your name tag you forget what your name is.
-In response to being asked on a date on the street you respond with the question "no but do you want to learn about the gospel".
-You hear the word 'awesome' and 'cool' and feel like someone just swore
-You went to the most simple, humble meal from a family who isn't doing well off but are filled all night and feel like the savior was present at the meal
-You get a text message from your mission president and feel like a celebrity just got ahold of your phone number.
-Getting mail makes you feel like a million bucks and then you realize you have NO time to respond
-Your dreams become lessons
-You realize you have eaten four balut eggs when in real life you wouldn't even want to eat one.
It really has been a great week. Amy surprised me by stopping by, she was visiting her aunt in Winnipeg... didn't even know she had an aunt in Winnipeg. It was a great surprise, a tender mercy from the lord. I have been given many tender mercies this week! I love my savior, I love this work, and I am proud to call myself a CAN-WIN missionary.

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