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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

May 27, 2013 ...Pros and Cons

SO this week was full of new experiences for me.
I have had the highest highs and some bad days too but all in all I still LOVE this work. But I also like the whole making things different so I am going to make a Pros and Cons list for the week and tell you some of the best, funniest, weirdest, and happiest things that have happened to me.
-We set our first baptisimal date this week!!!! Her name is M*** and she is an 11 year old girl, whose mom is a less active we have been working with. She is just the most adorable thing and she so wants to be part of this gospel. She actually just turned 11, we set the baptisimal date on her birthday... what a neat desicion to make on your birthday. I am so excited for her and the changes she has ahead of her.
-We work with this family they are Bro and Sis S****. They are the cutest couple and they are developmentally delayed mentally but they have such sweet hearts. They are like children but man do we just LOVE going to visit them! Bro. S*** always shakes his head and was like yes, yes or no.... no full sentences but a simple yes or no but man he loves hearing about Jesus and wants everyone to be quiet while we talk.... SO SO GREAT!
-The members here are GREAT! We went to dinner at the L***'s house, they are from London ward and we were a little cautious because Bro. L*** isnt a huge fan of sister missionaries (bad experiences from his mission) and sister L*** kind of gets stressed and claims she has the missionary curse.... but it turned into one of the best dinner appointments EVER! They remind me of home. Their kids were everywhere, dinner was delicious and Bro and Sis L*** are the most SARCASTIC people of all times.... probably even a little more sarcastic then you. But so much fun and we got a whenever you need anything invitation which means we changed their minds about sister missionaries.
-We had a relief society president who has realized the weight of our call due to her being new herself. She went up and started crying saying how missionaries couldnt do it without us and since our parents are trusting us with their children we (the ward) should make sure they are taken care of and enjoy their experiences here... Her name is Sister Monchamp (Sister Varey is the other wards Relief Soceity President, they are both just FABULOUS).... she said well Im your mom now I will take care of you, we have been praying for sisters for so long we are so glad to have them!!!! YAY!
-Progression! We have this family we are working with, the C*** and they are so great. She is going through a nasty divorce and the ward wasnt sure she would want missionary visits but we have been over every week for family home evening and now her family is praying, reading their scriptures, asking questions about the gospel, and considering coming back to church. Each week gets better and better and it is just so wonderful! I am so excited to continue working with them and see how far they get.
-Questions are so good! We met this lady named Lelita and she has so many questions and her curiousity is just so amazing... I love when people ask questions it makes teaching so much easier.
-Wrong phone numbers turned into great appointments. The elders called a number and it was a wrong number, it was the first time they have ever tried this but they asked if they would like a visit from missionaries and they said sure why not. We went and they asked so many questions we pretty much outlined all the lesson plans and we got a return appointment. The best part is they were like so when should we start doing these things you believe if this is something we may want, we looked at each other and replied right away is good! Such a neat experience.
-Also basketball! Im still good at it and it makes the elders a little upset when i win but like always they can get over it, i dont win that often. We also played a nerd card game... found out a couple of the elders i work with were nerds in the past life... no suprising but it warmed my heart and reminded me of my boys back from college. :) Love pdays!
-I think im going to be tired until the day I DIE!!!!!! so so tired and there is never anytime to catch up on sleep but its okay the lord keeps me awake when i need to be....
-Walking STINKS.... the view is pretty but I know there is a reason God didnt send me to an all walking mission and I LOVE HIM FOR IT!
-We have to deal with some of the strangest people and we learn way too much about people but thats okay its the weight of the mantel and with the lords help I can bear it a little longer.
-Time goes by WAY TO FAST!!!!! I cannot belive it is almost june that just blows my mind.
-When people cancel appointments or dont come to church its gotten to the point where my little heart hurts so much and I know that will just help me be a better missionary.
-I wish I knew spanish.... We had to deal with this one family who decided to tell us they were psychic and since they only spoke spanish it was hard to explain spiritual sensitivity and get into the doctrine behind those kinds of beliefs. The gift of toungues is real though because the fact they could understand even half of what we were trying to explain was a miracle.
-You really get to love the elders and the people you work with, so when one of them leaves or you realize they arent your best friend or family they are just people in your lives its a little heart breaking.... For example elder stoker, elder allred, and elder french from our last district have left.... every once in a while we just want to tell them something but cant and it can get kind of frustrating at times but its okay.... there is always until we meet again!
-6:30 gets earlier and earlier every morning... We have to change our alarm ring so we dont kill the phone when it goes off but it is always nice to have a companion who hates the morning as much as you.
-NO ALONE TIME!!!! At times I am fine with being around someone twenty four seven but there are days when you just want five minutes alone and you NEVER get it..... but its okay, i love my companion and she deals with my craziness.
I know there are cons to this letter and i almost considered not putting them there because i really dont want to focus on whats hard but lets be realistic this is hard.... one of the hardest things i have EVER DONE! But if we are being realistic this is also the greatest experiences i have ever had in my life and im blessed with miracles each and every day that make it more than worth being out here. This city is beautiful, the people are friendly, the work is progressing, and Im still here! Nothing can get better than that, except the occasional Diet Dr. Pepper.

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