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Monday, June 17, 2013

june 10

Okay so I am going to try and write a lot but Im scattered and I might seem everywhere so good luck with following.
I had my first exchange... it was with Sister Rush. It was kind of weird to have an exchange with your trainer while your training... haha pretty much i'm an oddity in my mission just like everywhere else. The president told us he has great faith in us to take us away from our trainer so quickly and i believe him. I can do this! On monday we had dinner with this family... it was the funniest thing ever. We walk in and the smoke alarm goes off, the bacon is burnt, the syrup boils over, and pretty much we cooked the pancakes but it was so much fun! She is the most amazing sister ever and sent us home with a bag full of food. Her kids are so cute too. Then we went to another members house and she talked for TWO HOURS STRAIGHT. Everytime we would try to take over the situation she would keep going. On tuesday we met with a lot of less actives and investigators. One of our investigators has lost lots of family members this week and her daughter said us coming over was the first time she has seen her mom smile. Her mom doesnt understand a lot of what we say but it just shows how powerful the spirit is when it is the teacher. We got to see MJ ,our investigator and she is just progressing beautifully. She is so excited to be baptized and she even prays to be ready by that day. I hope I don't get transfered so I will be able to share a part of her special day with her. On Wednesday we met with a less active who is a foster mom. She had two kids already and was just given a permanent. He is absolutely precious and was only 9 days old but so cute. It makes it hard to not be able to hold the babies. I understand the rules and i follow them but that one hurts my future mommy heart. Babies are SOOOO CUTE!!!! We meet with a lot of interesting people that have some real beefs about life but it is a lot of fun to be able to talk to them and see them slowly use the atonement to forgive their wrongs  and be healed. The atonement is real and i am so glad that my savior loved me so much to come and suffer for me. But I really wanted to tell you about this one family.  They are some less actives we are working with and they are both a little handicapped but they love each other and they are learning to love the gospel. They are our biggest miracle in the mission and we just pray for them all the time! As they are slowly relearning the lessons you can see their faith increase as their commitments and follow through get better and better. Bro. S. even helped with the sacrament one day thanks to Elder Moore and it almost made me cry. I truly care for the people in my area and their eternal salvation, I just hope they can feel the love I have for them through my actions. And then Sister Hutchinson got sick :( and because of the whole companionship thing BOTH OF US were stuck inside for TWO DAYS!!!! That was one of the hardest things i have had to do, to not be able to go work. I read preach my gospel cover to cover, watched church media, and read my scriptures. By the time it was over i didnt even want to do personal study haha. She is feeling better which is good and It was good for me to have that time to learn and grow but it was just long. And we missed church which is like my favorite thing of the week to watch those we are working with renew their promises with god and show their outward affection to their inward commitments, but selfishly i wanted the sacrament for myself. I know that I am not perfect and it is only through Christ I am able to do anything out here and so not being able to renew those baptisimal covenants was hard for me. Luckily we have wonderful elders who care about us so much! They asked permission from president to come over and give us the sacrament. It is the first time i have been on the recieving end of that but I know it was a tender mercy from God as we sat in our living room and they blessed and passed the sacrament to us so both me and sister hutchinson could renew our covenants. They showed true leadership by caring about our eternal salvation. On a less spiritual note today was pday. We threw down at the church and played dodgeball, lightning, and actual basketball. :) I held my own end and I am so glad my elders arent intimidated by that.... in fact they appreciate me more as I do it. I truly feel loved, sustained, and supported here! I love you all so much! you are in my prayers and I hope you all have incredible weeks. This week as you pray will you pray to have a spiritual experience as a family. I know that as we all pray for this the lord will bless each of us in our different areas with love and support and he will answer our prayers......
You are my favorite people ever!!!
PLEASE PLEASE remember the blessings the gospel have brought to our lives. We get to be together forever! Its all worth it.
Love Sister Harrison #1

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