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Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17....a week of lessons!

I just wanted to start out by saying I copied kaylynn when it comes to titles on my email... I am proud to say that I look up to my little sister and the INCREDIBLE things she does. But... enough mushy stuff time to tell you about my wonderful week.
On monday we had a dinner appointment with a member who is from Africa... We brought auntie Mabel with us and it was an incredible dinner where we talked about where they have been, how they have come to know that the church is true, the places they have traveled, and some of the crazy things they have seen. I am sheltered and don't get out enough, it is official. There have also been many people sick so we have spent a lot of time going from house to house with soup hoping to offer a warm smile as well as a warm meal for those people whose tummys aren't feeling so good.
 MJ is still doing fantastic, she is so ready for baptism. We went over the questions with her and my favorite was when we went over the prophets. We asked her if she believed the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints was lead and guided by a prophet today. She said yes. We then asked her questioning do you know who the prophet is. She didn't know but she faithfully declared I don't need to know who he is or even be in the same room as him to know that there is a prophet on the earth today... SHE IS ELEVEN!!!! 'Im hoping if i get transferred (calls come this week) I don't get transferred too far because I want to be there on that day with her. We also went to go teach english to an investigator. We decided to just focus on english because it would make teaching the gospel easier, apparently God had another plan because without us asking she went and grabbed a children's book of mormon and began reading it with us. Wow wonderful!!!! We went tracting again... not as much fun as the first time but it is still a part of being a dynamic missionary. We had a dinner appointment with a german lady who made us a full german meal followed with fake coffee, which tasted SUPER GROSS!!!!! but she is so sweet and the meal was so nice. We had an potential investigator who met us and dropped us all in the same week. That was kind of hard but I know that if it is the Lords will he will send a better vessel to reach him and share the gospel with him. We had dinner with some members this week then spent the night doing service for them. I cannot tell you how much I love it when people let me serve them in different ways :). We also had a dinner appointment with the london ward elders. This sweet old lady invited all seven of us to eat at her house, what a brave soul. Oh and we had a ward activity. We went bowling and it was so much fun. Apparently here they play five pin instead of ten and the balls are tiny but I was still pretty good at it even in a skirt . We had two investigators show up and five less actives. It is a great way to find common ground and I felt so loved that night. I love this area.... I hope I get to stay a little longer but I feel some change in the air. It will be exciting to see what the Lord has next for me and i'm ready for the trials to face ahead... I have learned trials are the only way we learn to grow.... :) LOVE IT!!!!! Love you all, you are in my prayers often and I hope everyone is doing good! Please remember that the little things you choose to do now make the biggest difference in the long run, in eternity!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

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