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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June 2, 2013 ...Always and in ALL WAYS!

So missionary work is ALWAYS busy and we are ALWAYS doing something with our time.... ALWAYS!!! Even if it is wasting it (which we try not to do). We also are ALWAYS with someone which is crazy, and slightly weird sometimes... but to tell you the truth ALWAYS is kind of great! I didn't realize how ALWAYS having the spirit to be with me was such a blessing until there was a time where it left the room and I was alone. I don't ALWAYS understand everything but when I ALWAYS try the Lord will tell me what I need to know. I promise you I don't ALWAYS know what I am suppose to do, where I am suppose to go, or what I am suppose to say but I ALWAYS try my best and it works. The lord doesn't ask us to sometimes be his disciples... the lord asks us to ALWAYS be his disciples to follow him and to choose the right. The gospel isn't something we can choose one week and ignore the next. It is a lifestyle, it is an ALWAYS decision and when we realize that and accept it we will ALWAYS turn to the lord and be healed by the atonement and we will ALWAYS have the chance to be better each and every day. Like Elder Holland says, "Imperfect people are all the lord has to work with, how frustrating that must be for him." I can't really quote the rest but it kind of goes like this...But he is patient with us so we must be patient with ourselves. ALWAYS!!!!!
I am a missionary of the Lord! I know who I am and why I am here. There are times when I am not sure how I am going to accomplish what the lord asks of me but I know that he will find a way. I have enjoyed each and every one of our experiences here and I love being able to spend this time to not only help others grow but to help myself grow. I know why I was called to serve a mission and I will serve with all my heart, might, mind and strength so that I can ALWAYS remember this time and never go to bed regretting one minute of it.
Ok so this week I tweeked my knee.... Ive been icing it and now I have moved to heat. I think its sprained or pulled I don't think anything is torn, Okay just so you don't worry what happened was I twisted in a pot hole and my knee went one way and my ankle went the other and then we had no car because we ran out of kilometers so we walked two days in a row after that like ALL DAY! I didn't play any sports at pday today which was very difficult for me but I knew it would help the situation and sister hutchinson helped me out. :)
 oh and a little secret. I wore pants today and I felt uncomfortable. I wanted to get back into my skirt as soon as possible, my tomboy spirit has been harmed... i'm turning into a sister missionary :) Love you and hope you have a fantastic day.
Oh think of this... A mission is 1/10 of a 20 year olds life. As we serve missions we are giving tithing of our life to the lord.... what a neat thought right...  I will try to send pictures next week. I left the camera in my car. LOVES!
Sister Harrison numero uno!

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