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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sept 10...let me tell you a joke....

I  am always not sure how to start my letters to you.... I dont want them to seem like a list and im not interested in being super tactful so what i am going to do is tell a joke....
why could none of the mormons eat dinner....?????
anybody anybody
Because moroni hid all the plates! hahahahhahaha
This week has been fun! I have learned more about the atonement this week and especially gained a testimony of the importance of taking the sacrament! I've decided there is no such thing as a perfect week for a missionary because there is opposition in all things and while this week had some incredible miracles is also had some rough patches.... but you know what? thats okay! how in the world could we enjoy the miracles if we didnt have to trudge through the mud a little. plus i've never been the kind of girl to be afraid of a little mud. :)
We were able to find three new investigators this week which was a miracle in itself. When you do hard work the lord finds a way to bless you and even though none of the new investigators seemed to be from anything we did, they seemed to just fall into our laps, we know thats the lord blessing us for our hard work and our obedience.
We also got to participate in a baptism this week. L*** got baptised! She is 15 and she is the girl who comes to church on her own all the time. We finally got some elders in her area teaching her and her baptism was saturday! She is so beautiful! and we are all so proud of her for making this decision. Her baptism was incredible and everyone was so loving. She asked me to give a talk on the holy ghost which was such an honor. She also always asks me to sit by her at church.... I have learned that one of the people i have come out here to meet is L*** and i hope she continues to stay strong!
We also had dinner with one of the members of our bishopric yesterday and we taught their family about repentence. They have three little kids under the age of eight and they are adorable. As we left they all were surrounding the door waving, saying we love you we love you! We later got a text message saying how much our visit was appreciated. I dont think i ever realized how important being in a members home was for a missionary. Its stability and the spirit is present and there are many times where that isnt what we deal with all day. When we get yelled at or doors slammed in our face the members loving us and caring enough about us to want us to come over really makes it worth while to have one more door slammed in our face!
I love being a missionary i really really do! I have a great companion and i work in a fantastic ward! I have a district leader who deals so well with us and I work with elders who really help encourage us to be our best. This may be the hardest experience i will go through but i can tell you right now it is one of the most rewarding! I couldnt imagine what i would be doing if i wasnt here and i dont want to because here is where i belong and here is where i am able to serve my lord and savior! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!! thanks for everything... and helping me become who i am today... im excited to one day show all of you who God has helped me become out here!
Love Sister Harrison!

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