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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sept. 3....miracles

So this week we had a lot happen and I was planning on telling you
every boring detail about everything when i realized that the most
important day of the week actually happened yesterday!
Yesterday was our day of miracles. President texted me in the morning
asking me to call him after studies and i was nervous.... it kind of
feels like being called into the principals office whenever president
calls even though i know that he loves me! So i prayed and prayed and
prayed to know why i would need to call president... and after i said
amen my district leader called me (i just want to point out that all
my district leaders have answered my prayers through a phone call). We
have a beautiful fifteen year old girl who wants to get baptized we
just aren't sure what ward to baptize her in because she has a support
system in our ward but she lives in another ward and so president just
wanted my opinion on that matter since i know her really well and was
the one to make sure she was taught by missionaries. So either this
week or next week we will be having a baptism in our ward!!!! I am so
excited! and i get to help her with the prep work and preparing for
the baptism and she even asked me to give a talk at her baptism... i
love this girl so much!
Then we had pday which was different then most pdays because we had
time do things because EVERYTHING was closed for labor day... so we went
with the ysa sisters went to sushi and then went to the church and
played basketball.... it was great! and then back to missionary work
We had a lesson with one of our investigators that tanked... it didnt
go like we thought it would at all. But we were able through that
lesson find a direction to take to best help her! MIRACLE
Then we went to a less actives house who kind of shewed us away last
time we were there and we were both determined to have a miracle and
reach our goal of one less active lesson for the night... she was
outside almost like waiting for us and asked us if we wanted a drink...i
quickly agreed so we could get in and talk to her and she allowed us
to share a message and even stop by again!
Then we needed to find a new investigator... there was this one guy we
tracted into that we commited to read the book of mormon so we decided
to stop by and see how that was going! He was home! not only that he
had questions for us and invited us to come back next week to
hopefully answer some of them...
God works miracles in all of our lives... he is there for us and
watches over us but more than that he cares for us unconditionally...
look for the miracles God has put in your day because I can promise
there are some there! I love you all!!!!!

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