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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Aug in finding or finding fun?

This week was full of finding fun in the work. My district leader
challenged me to have fun this week, he is funny! So as we walked from
Buccanan all the way to Sturgeon in  Winnipeg (look it up on google
map its pretty far) we did lots of different things to have fun. We
asked people what they like about summer since it finally seemed to get
here this week with the humdity at 88% at one point and the sun
always out and blazing! We ran into these two boys twice and started
talking about bible camp and asked them to sing one of the songs for
us... they politely declined, what a shame! I'm sure it would have sounded
good. We pretended to be lost all day so we could ask for directions
and then invited people to learn more about Christ (it is more
successful than you would think). We also ate on our adventure at a
place that was kind of like cafe rio.. its called burrito speldido...
it was pretty good!
Then we moved to walking by the church because we felt we needed to be
there before a relief society activity on canning (still dont know how
to can one bit but im a really really good sampler) and after no
success of finding anyone to do a tour with we went in to ask one of
the members if we could just pracitce our skills... well it just so
happened that one of the members brought a non member with them and
we did a church tour with them right on the spot... talk about member
presence as we had six members ready to share their testimony on the
sacrament as we ended in the chapel. it was super powerful!
We roasted marshmallows with an investigator for family home evening
after having her show us a candle analogy... and yes we did roast them
on the candle... but you should try the analogy... okay so put a
little bit of water on the plate so it evenly covers the plate but
doesnt drown it, then put a candle in the middle of the plate and
light it, now for the best part put a cup (perferably NOT PLASTIC... i
would use glass) on top of the candle and see what happens.... it is
an analogy about the atonment... the plate is us, the water is our
sins, the candle is our savior, and the cup is repentence.... let me
know what you think. I'm not going to give away what happens but i can
bear my testimony that i know the atonement is really and that we can
rely on our savior for anything.
Okay so now we are at the day of a baptism for an 11 girl from a part
member family in our ward... SUCH AN INCREDIBLE SERVICE! but we
decided to street contact and part contact around the church to
conserve miles on our car. So this one lady tried avoiding us... a lot of people
try, not many succeed anymore, and this time it was the elements that
stepped in.... her bike hit the curb wrong and it sent her flying! The
poor lady was probably in her sixties and we helped her up and just
'happened' to be by the church... we offered to go and clean her up so
we can send her on her way and she agreed to that... although she
declined our card saying she already had a religion she was
really appreciative of our friendliness and it was a great positive
contact for the church in that ladys life.
Okay last highlight of the week. There is this fifteen year old girl
who comes every sunday on her own to church... She lives a good 20
minute drive away from the church and an even longer bus ride. As she
started coming more frequently i knew she needed to be taught...
unfortunately due to areas we were unable to teach her so the Waverly ward
elders took on that responsiblity for us but without fail every sunday
she asks me to sit by her, tells me what the elders taught her, and
her best news this week was she is getting baptized and wants to get
baptized in the St James ward! Her date is set for september 7 and we
are all thrilled and working hard on making sure she is comfortable
and taken care of... she was seeking truth looking for temples on road
trips, asking questions, reading the book of mormon, and attending
church and she knows for herself its true... its so incredible! I LOVE
love you all have a great week and keep me updated on all the fun
things you are up to... it makes my week!

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