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Friday, August 23, 2013

Aug 12...another week of change

As a missionary we are always on our toes... This week was transfers again and I swear they are coming by faster than they are starting, time just SOARS when you are on a mission.
    This week i have officially deemed myself the preteen missionary. We got a new investigator this week as a referall and low and behold she is 13. That means more than 75% of who I am teaching are under 16 years old. I guess working with teenagers is something i have a skill in but i think I need to find out what it is so i can be more helpful to these wonderful girls! I love each of them so much and the one we met this week speaks french, they all have different stories and different backgrounds and the gospel will help them differently just like everyone else but it never changes and it never will! they will always be loved by a father in heaven!
   We still taught some of sister rush's investigators this week and with all of these young investigators we have had to get creative with our teaching. We played a matching game that talked about the blessings the gospel brings to the family. it had like for example love, with a picture of hearts, or wholesome recreational activities with fun things to do... and so on and so forth. They really enjoyed it and they were able to state the blessings back which is better than normal :) games are the way to go when teaching those with short attention spans (no wonder i have been learning so much haha)
   We had dinner at a members this week and she couldnt decide what to make so she made two dinners. We had chicken and mashed potatoes as well as spaghetti.... it was delicious!
   Then transfer days came and me and sister christensen dropped off sister rush who became the first walking sisters in the mission.... i dont want that job no sir!!!! me and my lovely car zerek will just go on our way happy and healthy!
    We did ride the bus this week though... that was interesting and SUPER FUN! We met some nice people who had mercy on two 20 year old girls who had NO IDEA what they were doing! We made it with little trouble due to our helpers to down town where we had lunch with a member and her coworker who is looking into the gospel. We met them on the 18 floor and they were determined that i should look out of the window because i dont like heights and low and behold i took a picture of it...but i left my cord at home so i will send it another time. We then went to a poutine factory where they added so much to their poutine im not sure it was poutine anymore. Mine had chili, sour cream, quacomole, jalepeneos, fries, cheese, and gravy... it was the weirdest mix ever... probably wont ever do that kind of poutine again but it was a fun experience. On the bus we met this girl named nasra... We then saw her again at mcdonalds and we followed her in and she asked us to eat with her and her parents... We talked for a little bit and gave her our number, we hope she calls one day, she is from india or something but her family was really nice and we dont think its a coincidence we met her twice.
   We got a car full of supplies for the office... Zerek was all the way to the ground, way too full but we are all so grateful for the generosity of the members.... we might just use trucks not cars from now on.
    We had lunch with the ysa sisters and we got bored the night before so made a nice fancy set up for it! It was a lot of fun we have decided to start doing it regularly to help with friendship between sisters.
   We taught relief society and had to do the impossible task of combining lesson 13 and 14... that was hard but it seemed to work out okay because the spirit was there.
   We met a guy who was a theologist and tatoo artist and old religious book collector and protector... It was an intersting conversation and he said he would read the book of mormon and pray if we gave him a month... i guess we will see how serious he was in a month.
   At church there is this girl who comes ever week. She is fourteen and she comes on her own from a different ward to go to church. She wants to take the missionary lessons and even looked for a temple when she went to texas... She is incredible and we hopefully will have the proper missionaries over there this week! She is so great and she said she was even coming next week to church.... SO GOOD!

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