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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Aug 6...being creative

So I know that this week is on a tuesday instead of a monday... yesterday was a civic holiday so all the libraries were closed which is slightly unfortunate but it just means i have more to add to the letter this week and it might be a little smaller next week :)
   We had FHE with a part member family this week and that was a lot of fun! We played Book of Mormon bingo and it was such a neat way to get use to the names and all the different things included in the book of mormon. Since a majority of our investigators are kids right now we are getting better at keeping things fun and simple and book of mormon bingo is a great way to do that.

   We had a miracle story this week with a lady named F***. She is a former investigator (meaning she was taught by missionaries and for her it was like 8 years ago) we have been calling her once a week and asking if there is anything we can do for her and usually end up saying a prayer with her on the phone. We then were able to stop by and give her brownies and she let us set up a time where we could come back and teach her. We have taught her twice since then and have another appointment later this week! Its been great to see the lords hands in this work!

   We have been working with one of sister rush's investigators and I LOVE HER! Her and her family are so great! This week we learned how to follow the prophet and played prophet says... kind of like simon says but with a prophet.... and it stuck with them which was great! We also went to teach just the mom so me and sister christensen got to play in the spray pad with the kids for distraction... it was a lot of fun! She also attended a baptism with us and seems to be progressing from the daily contact we have been making.

   We have been working with a couple of less active members that live on the northern part of our area! One of them had a stroke over a year ago and still seems to be recovering from that, the other we have been painting her ramp (sister C****) i have actually talked about her a lot. Well they both came to church this week it was great! sister C*** actually gave the other lady a ride, the ward mission leader called me sneaky and gave me thumbs up for getting two sisters there with one ride :) .... It was great to see them at church, it really made my day!

   We found a unique way of finding this week. We drew the plan of salvation in chalk at the park and actually walked a guy through it teaching him each part and then giving him a book of mormon and a pamphlet. It was such a different way of looking at things but it was really fun! I got a video of it that i will send home the next time i send my card home. We did this when we had exchanges with sister kunzler and we also celebrated sister christensen's birthday this week... lots of colorings and treats you would think i was in primary again.

       I had exchanges with just sister rush and we were able to find my momentum again so im ready to go to work and not ever give up! While on exchanges we taught one of my spanish investigators and luckily sister rush was with me because we found out her mom was sick and she was leaving for el salvador for a month. She said she was going to take the book of mormon with her on the trip so hopefully she is ready to be testified to by the spirit because it is such a powerful book! Sister rush also mowed a lawn in a skirt for service as a finding activity... we were able to talk about baptism with the lady whose lawn it was but it was still funny to see grass up and down her legs. We also met a chiropractor name dr. bob. I was able to relate the gospel to his work because i knew what he did. It was the neatest thing and i know that the spirit was truly talking because i cant even remember my phone number for my mission phone sometimes.

   I have a new tracting area... its called charleswood in winnipeg and im really excited for this. I havent been able to actually work there yet but i know that the lord will bless my efforts where ever im at as long as i am obedient and do good things with my time.

   We helped with a member baptism on Monday and the dad doing the ordinance forgot to pull out the plug.... one of the people helping said i should be able to do it so i offered to help and realized there was NO WAY i could do that without getting soaken... that didnt stop sister rush. She jumped in, pulled it out, then realized all her extra dry clothes from pday activity was in the car..... she can be crazy sometimes but at least she has fun doing it.

    Learning to have fun is the key! Fun can be found everywhere if you just look hard enough. there was a quote that says laughter is the shortest distance between two people and i want you to know that as you send things that are funny and make you laugh, I feel closer than I know I am! thank you for everyone's encouragement and love! you are all incredible!

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