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Friday, August 23, 2013

Aug 19... talents

So this week it felt really hard to be an effective missionary because
we had found no one new to teach and none of our investigators
attended sacrament. We had spent hours tracting and street contacting
trying to find individuals who are prepared and desirous to hear about
the restored gospel. When I was talking to Elder Hatch (my new
district leader, who is amazing) He asked me what I liked to do. That
question really threw me back and when I asked "you mean now or when
I was at home." He told me to tell him what I 'Jessalyn Harrison' liked
to do when I was home. I couldn't remember.... I couldn't remember what
brought me the most joy when I was at home and that kind of bugged me.
I knew that being with my family and friends doing the things they
liked to do really made me happy. I could remember going rollerblading
with Kade right before I left because he wanted to take me for my
birthday or being on a tube with Jace as his smile (goofy as it is)
was enjoying every minute on the water. I remember cooking and eating
as a family and the happiness I felt being together and the love that
was there. I remember going shopping with Kaylynn watching her try on
so many clothes because new stuff made her feel good and sun bathing
with Summer as we enjoyed the lovely vitamins that came from the
beautiful round thing in the sky. I remember playing basketball with
dad and watching the proud papa smile come out when one of his kids
succeeded in something they did.... That stuff makes me happy. When I
tried to apply all of that stuff to missionary work I got a little
stuck. I couldn't go tubing with investigators as much fun as that
sounds. Trying on clothes is a pday thing and i don't really even have
time for that on my own let alone to find some poor soul in the
changing room and ask them if they want to receive the restored
gospel. I am cooking and eating but that can only go so far before my
waste band gets bigger and no one wants that to happen. All in all I
was stumped so I decided to take it to the lord. All week I have been
studying about gifts and talents and these are the references I have
liked the most... I encourage you to read them but I will explain a
little more why after them so don't give up reading just yet :)
Matthew 14:15-20 (the lord feeds 5000)
D&C 46:11-33 (Gifts of the spirit)
D&C 60:1-3, 13
Matthew 25:15-30 (parable of the talents)
3 Nephi 14:9-11
3 Nephi 13:19-21, 32-33 (seek ye first the kingdom of god)
Matthew 5:14-16 (let your light so shine)
It all started with the story of how the lord feeds 5000. I heard an
interpretation of this story that I hadn't heard before. The lord was
able to do miracles but when he told his disciples to not turn away
the crowd so everyone could eat the disciples had to show their
limitations. They had to tell the savior that couldn't feed the crowd
with what they had. It was only when they turned everything to the
lord that EVERYONE was able to be filled. We may not have to feed 5000
people physically but spiritually there is a world to feed and we have
limitations. There is only so much we can do on our own but through
god and through our loving savior we can do anything. We are capable
of miracles that could and will feed millions of people! So I
continued on my search to find what gifts I was able to give back to
the lord. In d&c I found a few gifts that stood out and that I know I
have experienced in my life. But I began to fear that idleness of not
knowing how to show my talents or use the gifts god has given me. I
didn't want to be as the servant with only one talent who got it taken
away because he hid it. That's when 3 Nephi really helped. I learned
that if I set my sights on the kingdom of God first, if I rely
completely on my savior I will not fail! I may not be the light of the
savior (matthew 5:15-16) but I am a mirror. I am a precious mirror the
lord has prepared to be able to show light. It is only when I get
closer to my savior and understand what he has given me that I will be
able to allow the light of Christ to reflect off of me and warm the
hearts of others. So make sure you point out peoples gifts and
talents. Complement others and improve your own skills because we are
all mirrors that have been sent to reflect the lords light. We are all
sent to be lighthouses to help others come home to their heavenly
kingdom and we will feel the light ourselves as we help others get
Love you all.... Have a fantastic week! and remember you are special,
you are important, and you are truly dear and near to my heart. Thank
you for making me happy!

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