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Monday, August 18, 2014

Aug 4...where is the time going?

So this week was stressful and crazy! but we made it through with only a few bumps and bruises and a lot more respect for prayer and a loving Heavenly Father. 
Monday we went and had a lesson with some less actives and HOLY COW no one ever told me as a missionary i would have to be a really good listener but its a skill I have DEFINITELY had to work on, haha especially as a sister because we see a lot of the old ladies now. Lessons are funny when for 50 minutes of them neither you nor your companion can get in a word and then you try to teach in five minutes what was suppose to be an hour long discussion haha. I am getting really good at being an effective teacher in five to ten minutes! 
Tuesday we had district meeting and the zone leaders were in town for that. It was all about what the restoration and what that means to us. It was fun to think of all the different ways the restoration has made a difference in our lives... A lot of us wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the church because it is very doubtful our parents would have met haha. Then we went and met with one of our investigators at her work. She has had such a hard life.. a lot of people i have taught have had a hard life, its incredible to see the ways that god prepares his children to be ready for the restored gospel. In this area it seems to be death and despair which means that's a lot of what we get to hear. It can be very heavy subjects sometimes but I find strength in knowing that I am a servant for a loving Heavenly Father who wants to show his children how much he loves them! We also met a new investigator this week that is the niece of one of the members or one of the wards i served in in Winnipeg haha did you catch all that. Well either way teaching her has shown me the example a righteous family can have on their family members. Because this ladies aunt is a convert she is interested in what she believes and because her cousin is on a mission she is willing to meet with sisters. She is incredible! We had dinner with a family that has like 7 foster daughters 14 and younger. They are all really great and they love the missionaries! The 11-year-old got to choose who said the opening prayer and couldn't decide whether she wanted me or Sister Hudson to say it. She wanted us both to do it! So we told her that one could do the closing prayer, so she ended up choosing me to say the opening prayer. It was funny and cute.  Then at sports night we played football. I got to be QB which i like because then i don't have to run very much! and I can apparently throw because we always seem to at least get one touch down. 
Wednesday we went and tried to help out at the food bank but it never seems like we get enough done there. But then we went and taught an eight year old girl about faith. i have never come to appreciate the analogy of faith is like a seed more than I did as we tried to teach her... for some reason using an analogy of something she knew really helped the whole faith thing click with her. Then we met with the D and he dropped his baptismal date. It was super sad and hard to hear but it all works out in the end. Just keep him in  your prayers. 
Thursday we had two dinner appointments and I thought I was gonna die. Not only that but we did like 100 kilometers because both of our dinner appointments were like 25 minutes out of town in opposite directions. PERFECT! our stomachs were so full and we were so tired of cars by the end of the night that we decided never to do that again. 
Friday and Saturday were kind of a blurr day but im sure miracles happened because we see them all the time! 
Sunday... got to love sunday! Miracle of the week: none of our people who normally come to church showed up, despite our efforts to wake them up and get rides for those who needed them. But Sister Hudson and I were holding the doors open for people coming in, when I saw this lady in jeans and a sweater who looked strangely familiar. It took me a minute to realize she was one of our investigators! The one we meet with at her work. I guess it was partly because we weren't expecting her to show up. We invite as many people as we can to come to church each week, and we never know who is going to accept the invitation. Its always like a grab bag of excitement. We also went to a dinner appointment on sunday where there were more than fourty people there i swear! It was a big dinner appointment! 
Love you all! cant wait to see you! eight more weeks! 

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